high TSH level at week 20

Hi Everyone

I am 20 Weeks Pregnant. When i was 8 Weeks Pregnant, i had TSH Level of 10.43. My doctor gave me elitroxin 50mcg medication. Now when i did my TSH test , its still 5.35.

Today i have fixed an appointement with doctor. But still i am very much scared. From the time i saw my report, i was wondering if i have done any harm to baby.

I Stay in India. Will it cause any harm to Baby's brain devel

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  • You need to read hypothyroidmom.com

  • On this forum sometimes earlier: “NICE CKS recommend that women attempting to conceive and newly pregnant should have TSH in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the upper range”

  • Hi Namitha

    You need your TSH below 2. Preferably below 1 according to UK guidelines. The risk is of miscarriage, so it is important that your doctor understands this

    I wish you well with the baby.

  • Hi

    Your Tsh is not dangerously high. Ask your doctor to review it, perhaps he/she will increase your medication slightly, but 5.5 is not terrible. Try not to worry, your baby has developed its own thyroid by now, and takes everything it needs from you. Take care

  • There is a small risk with higher TSH levels early in pregnancy. By now your baby will be making its own thyroxine.

    However, you should get your doctor to treat you to bring your TSH down to around 1.0 or 2.0. This is because you may be hypothyroid and it could lead to you getting depression. Sometimes this form of hypothyriodism (around the time of pregnancy) resolves so your doctor needs to review your blood tests and most important how you feel.

  • It is very important for baby that you get sufficient thyroid med. I cannot see any reason why he would not give it to you.