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Interpreting blood results

If my TP Antibodies are 15.5 (range 0-34) does this mean that there are antibodies present? My TSH is 0.9 but my GP is telling me everything is normal but I am not so sure. I feel like I am going mad as I feel unwell but keep being told I am fine. Can anyone offer any guidance/reassurance that I should keep progressing this with my GP? Thanks.

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MolHat They aren't high enough to confirm autoimmune thyroid disease; however a high amount of antibodies confirms Hashimoto's but a low one doesn't discount it completely. You'd need a few low ones to discount it altogether.

There are also Thyroglobulin antibodies and you really need these testing as well because these could be high even though TPO antibodies are low. NHS rarely test these so you might want to get them tested privately through Blue Horizon.

Do you have results for FT4 and FT3? Have you had B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate tested? They are all important as well.


Thank you. GP only checked TSH, T4 (result 16) and TP AB even though I asked for TG AB.

July '15: TSH 1.80 and Free T4 13.8.

Dec '15: TSH 1.70 and Free T4 19

Oct '16: TSH 0.9 and Free T4 16

I will follow up on Ferritin, B12, Folate. My last Vit D was 103 in March.


;just slnoted you are taking feratin. Just asked a doctor about this weight loss miracle pill.

I was told that theferatin is a manor restrictor on heart and was advised not to use.e


I have heard some people say that a small percentage of people with hashis don't present with antibodies in the blood. I saw someone the other day on here who said that they were negative on bloods but on testing of some of their actual thyroid tissue an autoimmune attack was confirmed. My anti bodies are high, not massively so but out of range at 70. Three years ago i was symptomatic and they were the similar yours and my miscarriage team who investigate autoimmunity said that with ab's at 18 i was over their range which was around <5 i think. However, when i had antibodies of 18 my TSH was near to 3.


Probably allergen Stent. (PLEASE see prior post)


Also check white blood cell lcount. This will be like off the chart if allergen in blood


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