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Feeling v rough,awake till 6am last night,slept on/off till noon,should i take usually NDT amount now im up?

Is there a cut off point to take NDT when one finally crawls out of bed, as clearly my adrenals are even more hammered? Lack of sleep due to health /finance worries. Chronic neck pain as a result of trying to do things, induces hives to old insect round and round the cycle difficult to break out of it , as so many of you know.

In the past when this has happened, i feel so rough i either skip the meds for one day, halve the meds for one day, but im never sure then if its the lack of meds that makes me feel jittery or the taken the meds that particular day that makes me feel awful.

Or is it just individual ? I suppose the T4 is there ,and for one day wont be missed, but the T3 input ? Friend or foe in this situation ?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated,


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If you miss taking your NDT at your usual time just take it as soon as possible.


Ok , many thanks clutter,

every best wish G.


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