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Increasing t3 & splitting dose

Just looking for some advice re t3. I'm currently taking 100 mcg levo before bed approx 11pm & 12.5mcg of t3 first thing 6.30/7am.

Latest blood test shows room for improvement and I've been so tired lately & have some other hypo symptoms creeping back. I'm going to add another 6.25mcg t3, when would be best to take this? I'm wondering if I should take some before bed & how much? or whether to stick to morning dose & another late afternoon/early evening?

I've had chest infection & cold and felt pretty rubbish for past 2 months, I wake up feeling knackered still and have little energy during the day :(

I'm tired in the morning, tired during the day & fall asleep watching tv in the evening at the moment. Does any else find that when you get ill it completely wipes you out? I've not felt like this for a long while. When I first found out I had hypo was after 4 months of being ill, constant colds & being completely run down.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

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Why not try the extra 6.25mcg at night with your Levothyroxine.


Thanks clutter I'll try that from tonight, hopefully that'll help 😀


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