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Has anyone had an experience with iodine to share? When I started taking it 8 months ago (on the recommendation of my doctor and after a urine loading test showed I was deficient), I felt incredible for like 3 months or so (loads of energy, better looking skin and eyes), but then gradually went back to feeling my usual lousy self after around 3 months. Why the initial amazing feeling? Then why go back to feeling lousy? I don't understand why iodine does this...

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Hello kopey

Lots of members have plenty to say about iodine. greygoose is one of our wise members and I have been searching for a post she answered most comprehensively a few days ago and can't find it :(

However, at the very top right hand side is a search facility and if you put iodine into that you will be illuminated. It matters not with iodine how it makes you feel temporarily. GG reckons it is dangerous and I trust her judgement well enough not to go there as a Hashi's sufferer.

Good luck with your research


Because iodine stimulates the thyroid gland to make extra hormone. If you have Hashi's, you probably needed that extra hormone - you're probably hypo. However, It cannot last, and the gland soon gives up and goes back to the way it was. So, all your symptoms come back. Plus, stimulating the gland means stimulating the antibodies, so you are probably more hypo now than you were before you started experimenting.

It's all very well your doctor testing iodine and 'recommending' taking iodine, but it's not as simple as just taking a supplement. Does he really know what he's doing? Did he keep a close eye on you and recommend supplementing selenium, etc. with it? I very much doubt he knows anything about it.


My functional medicine doctor has tested me and found I am deficient in iodine and prescribed iodine. I have been taking it for a week now, still not feeling any difference. But reading the answers now make me wonder if I shall continue... Have hashimoto's and really don't want the antibodies to rise.


Anyone the normal level range for thyroid iodine uptake please?


yes I took detoxdine iodine and I felt well and my thyroid levels were the best they had ever been but hey we are not clones, I stoppe dit as my t3 was quite high buti feltwell and may now gobackto it as I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tiredand no energy. iforgot I had taken it last year.


Hello bluepettals2,

Just curious if you tried the Detoxadine again and if so, how it went.

Thank you and all the best to you!


i do tend to forget unles sitis on the counter top even then it doesnt register to take it but atthe time i took it my t3 went from 3.something to 10.3- the best i ever felt- and my antibodis are really quite low now. myhomeopath said totake really good quality sea kelp.

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