Weather and symptoms!

We had a week in Gran Canaria in March, had flu while there, but managed to sit outside at the start of the week. Since recovering, I have felt just fabulous all summer (I have Hashimotos) I think a contributing factor was the warm weather in Gran Canaria, and a holiday in Morocco in August. However, over the last two weeks, since the nights have been 'drawing in', I am beginning to feel below par and my joints are starting to ache again. When I look back over the last 5 years since I was diagnosed there is a pattern emerging, but very pronounced this year. How can this be? Is it the lack of light? Do the seasons affect anyone else like this? Thanks :D

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I'd suggest a blood test as it might be you need a small increase. Sometimes we need an adjustment for one reason or another. :)

Also sometimes we need to adjust our dose if we go to a hot country and maybe the dose you took in Morocco etc was optimum but as its cooler here you may need an increase.

Have you had your vit D3 checked? It is produced through the action of sun on skin so time in sun=more D3, UK winter=no D3 (body has to pull from store).

In Dr Peatfield's book he describes what he calls the 'season factor'. He teaches his patients to be prepared to increase thyroid supplementation in the winter and decrease it in the summer. He recommends a flexible approach to dosage as the body's needs may be variable.

Get your vitamin D level checked. You probably need to supplement all year, but possible with more in winter.

Very common to be low with autoimmune issues.

When first diagnosed I noticed I was much more energetic in La Gomera on holiday.Up to then I had been trailing behind my wife on local walks but I was ahead in the sun and going on extra shorter walks . Levo speeds up the slowed down metabolism and I concluded more was needed in winter but docs do not agree so trying to get some sun during the winter period. Also take a strong Vit D in winter months.

absolutely affected by the weather. I feel normal in 30 degree heat where others are struggling. As soon as it gets below 20 i feel awful...

I'd say Vit D definately. You got more on holiday so you felt well. Warm weather too. I'm not Hashi, but I'm seeing the similar pattern. Our natural thyroid hormones change regularly, so to my mind it seems reasonable that we might gently alter our dose to our circumstances. Keep a diary - then if you see a pattern follow it - gently.

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