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Hello my doctor just switched me back to 75 only because I told them to but now talking to the pharmasist she said i should stay on 88mg and i might be vitamin D deficient so now i called my doc back to keep me on 88mg and the lady at the desk said it had already been called in and just try it for 6 weeks but I really don't want to be going through depression again and more hair falling out the only reason why I wanted them to switch in the first place is because I'm getting dark circles puffy under the eyes since she switched me to 88 and insomnia and fatigue. What would you do now this is so frustrating

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So frustrated


Are you getting your vitamin D level tested as the pharmacist advised?


Havent got one in awhile

But i have some here and just took one


No I asked if you had your level tested not if you were supplementing.

Also if you were supplementing before you need to take a maintenance dose for the rest of your life. However if your level is over 150nmol/L leave of the vitamin D for a few months before going back to take some.

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The last time I got my vitamin D checked which was maybe three months ago she says it was a little high and I think it was because I had taken the 50,000 unit vitamin D


Always get the numbers.

The reason for this is if your adequate range is 50-150 then 100 looks high. However if the adequate range is 75- 200 then 100 looks fine.

Also mega doses of vitamin D e.g. those over 10,000IU when you aren't severely deficient aren't very good for you.


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