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Help :-(

I've had underactive thyroid for over 20 years and my medication has been under control for a long time. Since being told I had underactive thyroid my hair has been really greasy and has been a lot worse recently. I've tried lots of dfferent shampoos and I'm washing my hair correctly but it's starting t get me down. I've also been very tired, regardless of the amount of sleep I've had. My doctor increased my dose of Thyroxine and I feel a lot less tired but my hair is still pretty bad.

Has anyone else had this issue and can you give me any advice on how to make my hair look clean again?

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Vandawandadooda I am not sure that greasy hair is a thyroid thing. I've been hypothyroid for over 40 years, greasy hair was a problem when I was younger, it isn't now and hasn't been for a while but I am in my 60s now. Not sure if it's a hormone thing.

However, as you are always tired, I would suggest you get a print out of your thyroid test results from your surgery - you are legally entitled to them under the 1998 Data Protection Act but may be charged a small amount for printing. No need to give an explanation when asking for them but if challenged just say it's for your own records.

Once you have your results, make a new thread, post the results with reference ranges and members can comment on whether you appear to be optimally medicated - I'm guessing you're not.

What you really need, and you can ask your GP to do them or get tested privately, is the following




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Vit D




Everything needs to be at optimal levels for thyroid hormone to work and you to have a chance of feeling well. Besides not being optimally treated thyroid-wise, low ferritin can make you feel tired.

If you can't get tested through your GP you can do this test which includes everything above which you can do as a fingerprick test at home.

Always make sure that any test is done first thing in the morning (as early as possible), fasting (water only since last evening meal) and leave off Levo for 24 hours.


Thanks for your advice.

I've just had my bloods done and will be having them retested again in 6 weeks time. I'm not half as tired as I was so I'm hoping I'm on the up :-)


Vandawandadooda Wash your hair as usual, then pour Listerine through it, and massage,

rinse & condition, this should help.


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Never thought of anything like that. Might give it a go.

Thanks :-)


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