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Got retested today... looks like it didn't go right this time either. Not sure if I should laugh or cry:D

First the nurse said I am supposed to get money back from first test that only measured TSH and Ft4 as I asked ft3 and antibodies too.

Then she had no idea what are antibodies. From the receipt I can see tpoab taken but thyglab is labeled as allige which stands for some sort of allergy unless it is just name for group of tests and the number in front of it indicates what was tested.

She didn't know what ft3 was :S sigh.

Took 20 minutes and she had to call another lab.

She went on and on about my previous test be in nicely in range. I was like pee in a pocket. Very quiet.

They have just changed the rules about testing, no doctors order needed anymore. I happen to be the first asking these tests and obviously they are not trained to do this.

Will get first results tomorrow. The one it is supposed to be thyglab will be ready tomorrow night, but results put online on Monday.

This will be interesting lol. Stay tuned:P

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I had an NHS and private blood draw within one week; the NHS one forgot to fill one of the vials and then had to stick me again and the private one also forgot to do a vial, didn't notice and had to ring me to come back about an hour later to take more blood. So felt like a pin cushion that week ;-)

Good luck

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Hope you get some answers and some money back Justiina.

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