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Gp's and hyperthyroidism

Just a quick question, how come GP's can't change carbimazole doses or deal with anything hyperthyroid related.

Went to GP today as finding myself short of breath thought maybe my thyroid was pressing on windpipe, he didn't even examine my neck asked when I was seeing endo next and told me to speak to him about it.

Is this normal for GP's, is it the same with hypo too?

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They can now Welshgirly. I am overactive and was over the hospital seeing the endocrinologist every 6 months since 2010. Then he left was advised by hospital I am now under my G.P. if my blood tests show there is something wrong then will go back to hospital for treatment. They have not replaced my endo. My daughter is underactive and visits her doctor every 6 months after blood test.


I was overactive decades ago and my GP did not treat me at all, all treatment was done under the endocrine specialist. Overactive is more dangerous/serious than underactive and often needs an operation like I did.


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