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Advice on timing of tablets

So taking the advice of people here I've been trying to figure out a timetable of tablet taking to try and improve my uptake/health/energy. Does this sound ok or do I need to change things around?

Thyroxine 7 am (breakfast of porridge/tea around about 8.30 am)

Lunch about 12 noon

Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) 2pm

Vitamin D3/K2/B12/B Complex 6 pm

Nortriptyline (pain med) 8 pm

I do also sometimes have to take sumatriptan/soluble aspirin - which is for migraine attacks but which I believe if I can improve my general wellbeing may help resolve that issue.

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polgara36 You need to take the B vits no later than lunchtime as they can be stimulating and may affect sleep. You could take them after your breakfast.

Are you taking your D3/K2 with dietary fat? What about magnesium which is another co-factor when taking D3? Magnesium should be taken in the evening as it is calming and can aid sleep.

If you took your Levo at bedtime, you wouldn't have to worry as long as it was 2 hours after eating anything.

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Ooo I didn't know that about B vitamins, which is good to know as I suffer with insomnia.

Yes, I forgot to mention that I take magnesium sulphate with the D3/K2 and I tend to take that with some food.

We tend to eat our main meal quite late so taking my levo at bedtime might be slightly problematic


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