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thyroid as an anti-aging hormone

I thought this was interesting. Anyone aware of any studies describing the quality of life of people who maintain a high T3+T4 level into old age?

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Thanks eddie83 for link. I particularly noted:-

"The TSH is the measure of how loudly the pituitary is having to speak. The conventional definition for low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) is a TSH over about 5.00. So if you go to the doctor and your TSH is 5.20 you might be told that your thyroid is a bit low and you need to begin thyroid therapy. On the other hand, your TSH might be 4.80 in which case your doctor might say your thyroid is normal and you don't need any thyroid.

There are several problems with this definition. The first and foremost has to do with the clinical picture of what is happening with you. Do you have any signs or symptoms of low thyroid? If you do have symptoms/signs that are suspicious for low thyroid, then a TSH of 4.80 or even a lot lower might be consistent with low thyroid."

I think the BTA may need to read and digest this link and open their minds to clinical symptoms. They insist that patients' TSH must reach 10 before the doctor dares to prescribe with the result that it is a Tyranny created by those who make these guidelines and patients suffer unnecessarily so.

Dr John Lowe wrote a book about the Tyranny of the TSH but unfortunately it isn't available due to his early demise.

Book by John C. Lowe

Originally published: January 1, 2007

An extract from link below:

We have steadfastly maintained over the last 15 years that complete thyroid analysis should include a TSH, free T4 and a free T3. Frequently adding the reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. Refer to our previous post. The TSH is a poor measure of free T3 — the active metabolite or driver of metabolic function.

Reply claims they have an ebook copy of Lowe's book. But they make you compete an "offer" before download - looks like some sort of scam!


I've never used ebooks so don't know how it works. He has written a few books. tI would be awful it would be a scam. I'm assuming from you response above that we would not usually be asked to 'offer' before downloading and how do they prove it's Dr Lowe's.

Another book he wrote about Fibromyalgia was on Amazon for around £900 but it's not there any more.

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The site "offers" you some Apps for Android and Apple. I didn't look into whether the apps come directly from the app stores, or might be Trojan Horses. I am surprised that Lowe's wife isn't offering his books somewhere.


As Tammy was Dr Lowe's second wife I presume that maybe Wills/ 'ownership' might not have been 'sorted'. I am not sure who has the 'rights' to Dr Lowe's publications. This just a guess on my part as many of his articles(books) seem to have gone into thin air.




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