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Adrenal's do I need to supplement ?

Hi all have just got my Adrenal Saliva results I know adrenal results are more difficult to

interpret but my GP is away for a couple of weeks so would like to know if I need to take supplements ( want to feel better as soon as possible ) I have Hashimoto's if anyone can help I would be very grateful here are my results

7am-9am 45.79 7.45-32.56 nmol/L

11am-1pm 10-68 2.76-11.31 nmol/L

3pm-5pm 25.85 1.38-7.45 nmol/L 5.27 0.83-3.86 nmol/L

Many thanks in advance

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They are on the high side. I used Holy Basil and it worked for me but wait and see what others say x


Are you having any symptoms of high cortisol?


Thank you for replying NatChap i have been having symptoms put it all down to Hashimoto's will have a look at holy basil .

Many thanks xx

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foxyeyes A couple of articles by Dr Myhill about interpreting adrenal tests:

I think most people who have had private adrenal tests carried out have had them dismissed by doctors, they prefer their own tests. I hope you fare better.


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