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Don't give up hope..... 😃

Firstly thank you to everyone on here who has helped me the last six months.... I had a nightmare with levo and incompetent doctors and you guys dragged me through all that with your help support and knowledge. Finally I found a great doctor and he actually listened! Trialled me on ndt and I finally finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. Have had two days in a row where I have felt normal - no snooze, energy.... I know I have a way to go but at last I feel like I'm on the right track and the ndt is doing its magic. So for those of you unfortunate enough to still be on your journey of misery, don't despair. You can and you will get there. Good luck and keep fighting! X

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Well done! Congratulations and best wishes on continued good health. Can I ask is your new doc on the TUK list of supportive practitioners?


No. Thx for your good wishes.


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