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I had a question I've been to a thyroid specialist and an ears nose throat specialist for a problem that I've been having for 2 years now it all started when I stopped my medicine but I'm on my medication now obviously hi have been having a clicking rubbing sensation in my throat when I swallow when I turn my head to the right forward but not to the left I don't know if this is related to my thyroid or what but they have done scans on me and could not find anything I don't know what the problem is but it's worse when I lay down I don't know if anybody can help me with this but it drives me crazy sometimes people can even hear the clicking sound

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  • Hi Theresa72 I can identify with the swallowing problem, I have similar but without the clicking sound. I was under an ENT specialist who scanned my thyroid which was enlarged at the time which was lucky for me because I had a previous scan which said nothing was wrong apart from a few enlarged lymph glands! Has your ENT specialist suggested a barium swallow? Mine did and he found nothing wrong so the last resort was an upper endoscopy which showed a stricture in the middle of my oesophagus and damage to the upper part of my food pipe. When do you next see your ENT person?

  • Hello thank you for the info yes they did a barium swallow on me plus a scan of my neck they both came out negative they checked my thyroid gland also was normal I know there is something wrong maybe I should get that upper endoscope is that where they put a camera down your throat? My ENT never made another appointment but I had my thyroid specialist said I should go to a rheumatologist I don't know how that would help

    I need to do something cause I can't live like this

    I also had two surgeries so I'm wondering if maybe when they put that breathing tube down my throat could possibly be from that

  • They did say it first when they did the scan or the ultrasound of my neck that my glands were calcified but now they're saying they wasn't I just don't know what to do

  • Hi yes an endoscope is where they put the camera down your throat. I am phobic with those sorts of things but luckily I was given a general anaesthetic. So sorry to hear you are suffering x

  • Was anything done about what they found with you

  • Yes I was given Lansoprazole because I had severe damage to my osesophagus, I have been told that I shouldn't be taking it because I more than likely have low stomach acid rather than high acid which was what the Lansoprazole was meant for. Both high and low stomach acid give the same symptoms :(

  • So theres nothing to be done with you?

  • I have had problems with my throat, trouble swallowing, dryness, choking on nothing, voice hoarseness and feelings of something stuck, since beginning of 2014 when I was prescribed methotrexate for suspected inflammatory disease. side effects of drug. Now they tell me I don't have this but Im still left with throat issues. I have seen ent and had 2 endoscopies. first one I was told I had high stomach acid and prescribed lansoprazole which I took but they gave me migraines and nausea so I stopped. second time I was just told my vocal chords are working well? No scan offered or explanation of what is wrong with my throat. I do feel my glands swell in my neck and under my arms regularly and I keep getting vertigo but can't get doctors to listen to my concerns at all.

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