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Hi there, I'm new here. :)

I've been dealing with a strangling sensation and difficulty swallowing food for the past couple of weeks and today my doctor sent me for a thyroid ultrasound. I wondered what is "normal" during these procedures. Of course, the technician didn't say anything and can't, so I didn't ask. I won't get test results back for quite a while as it takes about a week for the results to be sent to my doctor.

During the procedure though, I noticed that the technician was spending a lot of time on my right side taking a lot of pictures and measurements, as well as using the doppler. Is it normal for them to take a whole lot of measurements, or do they do this primarily when they've found abnormalities?

Thank you!

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They may have found growths on your thyroid- you could have multi modular goitre. 40% of the population do so please try not to worry yet! If they a w worried about anything, they'll send you for a FNA (fine needle aspiration biopsy). Fingers crossed for you x

Try not to worry. I know it's difficult but even if they did spot something, as nfanning says, a lot of people have nodules and they are completely fine :-)

I had an ultrasound in May and my experience was very different to you - the technician found a large (5cm) nodule and was VERY vocal about it - must have used the word tumour and cancer about 30 times! Given I had no symptoms at all, I had just gone as my thyroid was underactive and felt a bit like a goitre, I was in complete shock. They did the FNA then and there and decided to operate, but the conclusion was that it was benign and now I'm fine :-)

It's good they are being thorough and doing the ultrasound for you. I'm sure you'll be fine :-)

Iv had the scan done mine is a very large syst and they don't seem to be concerned about it I had it two months now and find it difficult to swallow keep nagging them if you want something done about it

My endo doctor has an ultrasound right in his office. The tech can't tell you but usually when I have an ultrasound done at a radiologists office they have me wait and the tech speaks to a doctor to see if they need better results or if I can go. After the doc reads them I'm usually told it's ok to go or they may need me back or you should follow up again in 3 months, 6 months. It gives me an idea of urgency. My doctor calls with a full report. You can't do anything about it so don't worry. Just wait til you hear from your doc. If they don't call you in a week, call them. Be happy in the meantime.

I told my endo last visit last week that I had this sensation of a lump in my throat that bothers me on and off. He said there is a gland there that can swell and he can take a look with the ultrasound next visit in 6 months if it's still bothering me. I'm having trouble swallowing one of my larger vitamins now so I will ask him to check it out. Maybe your tech saw this area knowing that's where the gland is and took extra pictures there.

My mom had ultrasounds of her legs several times looking for blood clots. They took many pictures and the legs were normal. No bloodclots. Who knows why they take the pictures. Maybe to show there's nothing where something might be.

Thank you all so much for your replies! I am not good at being patient, and even though they legally can't say anything, anytime I've had an ultrasound the tech ALWAYS gives me a wink and a nod if everything looks good. This time she rushed me out of the room and said they were expediting my results, so I'm a little weary. I also saw a lot of red, orange and yellow and blue, on the Doppler, so that has me curious. I'll update when I hear back :)

I have just recently found out I have an overactive thyroid also have a large goitre in my neck which measures 5cm by 5cm with two nodules on the right side I am on carbimazole. When I was first diagnosed I was taking 60 mg but endo then lowered it to 30mg since then my goitre seemed to have grown, I'm now waiting of my blood results coming back. I have also been sent appointment for another scan where the inject radioactive liquid in me to see if there is any toxins in it. This has scared me slightly because my first scan said it wasn't cancerous but then the ent doc said he can't rule it out. I'm due to have an op to remove half the goitre if it isn't toxic, once my thyroid is in control. Anybody been in the same situation? Thanks in advance Rachel

So, they did find several thyroid nodules, but they say they are too small to biopsy. They told me to go back in 6 months for another ultrasound to make sure they haven't grown, but don't think that they're big enough to be causing my symptoms. Seems odd that they'd hear my symptoms, suspect thyroid abnormality, confirm thyroid abnormality, and then dismiss it as nothing to worry about. She's now referring me to a gastroenterologist, and I'm considering a second opinion because I just found out that my aunt was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year, my grandfather on the same side died of colon cancer, and I've learned that there is a specific gene mutation linked to both conditions. Any experience with thyroid nodules that appeared of no concern, and ended up suspicious?

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