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So they cancelled my Thyroidectomy :(

All prepared to go into hospital early Thursday morning for total Thyroidectomy. Received a phone call this evening to advise they have cancelled the operation as they don't have enough theatre staff 😡

So fed up, been waiting forever and stressing myself out. Rearanged work, childcare, doggy care ... My entire life and now in limbo again. I know I shouldn't complain as things could be so much worse but sometimes you just need to scream ... Aaarrrggghhhhh!

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Complain away! That is absolutely awful. I really feel for you.

I guess if we're looking to count blessings at least they rang to say they'd cancel it instead of allowing you to show up and wait for hours (which I do wonder if they've already done previously).

I understand there are limitations, they have to draw lines somewhere and this time you were on the wrong side of that line, but really, this is the sort of thing that leads people to resent the care others are getting. You need medical attention, which they have confirmed by scheduling your surgery, so they need to put you somewhere on that list, they can't keep bumping you down it over and over. It isn't right.

I am sorry. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. x


So sorry to hear that :-( really frustrating for you! Really hope you get a new date soon. Take care x


It's horrible because you must have mentally prepare yourself for the operation and then for it not to go ahead. I really do feel for you. 🙁


Hi Betty, I know you are seeking relief. Here is an article regarding nodules that you might consider. I hate to see you lose your gland since being without one is no picnic either.

for other questions:


Hi good luck lets hope you have an early response and a good outcome..


i think you have been spared. Thyroid health can be turned around..nodules can be gotten rid of. Hashimotos and Graves are no reason to remove the thyroid. They are autoimmune diseases effecting the thyroid and these can be reversed and put into remission, often thru just a change in diet and a few supplements.


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