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Lack of understanding

So I'm nearly 26 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy but second child and I'm struggling emotionally and Ive been assigned a cpn too help with this period and postnatally but my appointment isn't until the end of September. Anyways I've been upset alot and confused by my feelings I lost a baby last year and still haven't come too terms with it my referral too mental health was for that but as it happens as I'm now pregnant that is the focus.

I've been talking too my husband alot about my feelings and stuff and in the most he has been great till this morning when he mentioned if I want my life too improve I need too sort energy levels out. Now he doesn't mean whilst pregnant he means generally and I'm offended an argument followed which he thinks he is right in but am I right too feel offended I have a under active thyroid which yes is medicated but my numbers fall normally between two and three so I still have symptoms I get fatigued easily and I sometimes struggle with energy.

I said does he think I can just flick a switch and be normal again I've struggled massively too accept my life now as it is too how it was before and I've tried most things gluten free a selection of supplements and gentle exercise too improve my health and well-being so too be told I need too sort it out has made me very upset. He thinks it's a statement of fact and how can that offend me.

I have seen gp and an endo and basically the common thread is if my numbers are under five I'm well medicated which we all know isn't necessarily the case but that's a brick wall I've tried too climb with little success. So how do I make my beloved husband understand I don't choose too be fatigued Lose my hair and feel depressed its something i can't always help and I'm not making it up ? Anyone else struggle with others lack of understanding ?

Sorry for long rant

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I think most of us do - especially where men are concerned! Get him to read some of the posts on here, let him see that others suffer greatly, too. And that what you're experiencing is all part and parcel of the disease, not something you're just making up. :)


Yes, I think a lot of us struggle with this idea, that we can somehow switch the energy we need on or off at will. This is because we do sometimes have a good day, and seem able to do more. Trouble is we often pay for it afterwards with three bad days!

You are also in the midst of pregnancy hormones, which make anyone feel as though they're on an emotional roller coaster. It isn't quite so easy to explain how we feel without those emotions getting in the way. None of us choose to be unwell/have this condition. It's something we have to deal with everyday of our lives, not knowing how we will be feeling each morning. I think we all do the best that we can, and we do sometimes fail in our own expectations. We need the support of those closest to us, not to be told we aren't doing too well.

Hope your hubby will realise that he wasn't being as supportive as he might have been. Also that your pregnancy goes well and you have a beautiful baby in approx fourteen weeks time.

Very best wishes



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