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Starting 5 mg Prednisolone With 100 mcg Levothyroxine

After starting Prednisolone I felt my body very hot like levothyroxine suddenly started to work! Is there any explanation to this phenomena? I stopped Prednisolone because I felt also very weak on it. I will try it at another time after understanding little bit more about it. My doctor prescribe it to me, I have dysfunction pituitary with low TSH and possible impairment in ACTH.

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Possible side effects should be listed on the patient information leaflet included with your medication. medicines.org.uk/emc/medici... Steroids should not be stopped and started at will. If you have low adrenal function it will get worse without steroids.


Hi Clutter,

I didn't find this side effect on leaflet and I have taken 5mg only twice before I stop.


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