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Recently reduced my mini pill and now have severe joint pain and fatigue. anyone experience this? any ideas? This is horrible

Hi guys,

So yet another problem in my life :(

I decided to start reducing my birth control to one every other day (progesterone only) last Saturday (If I come straight off it I get severe migraines and tension headaches and constant aura). I now have joint pain (wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and shoulders too) and extreme fatigue. I have googled this and found a few people who have suffered with this when coming off of the pill but wondered why and how long it will last? Anybody have any ideas or had this themselves? I can't believe I'm in more pain. I thought I would get my headaches back but instead it's this. TIA

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Hi KornishPiskie,

I'm sorry you've had no replies. I hope the pain has subsided but, if not, feel free to repost your question.


Hi Clutter,

The pain has lessened in my joints but is now in my muscles Im also very very teary. Also didn't realise that progesterone is a steroid. So Im thinking steroid withdrawal but don't know who to talk to about it. Any admins well versed in steroid hormones? I'm feel like I'm in hell :( Hope you are well


Hi this happened when I was on the pill and stopped. It's horrible like someone has twisted your wrists and joints and they really hurt from the inside out. Get some painkillers. It took about 4 weeks for me but do still remember it. Just thought it was a weird thing with me. Will get better once your system adjusts.


Thank you Katiekatie. Did you feel all teary and just urgh as well? Knowing someone else has had the same experience helps alot!

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Yes I did. I remember watching tv and crying at something that wasn't even that sad. Was really touchy around other people too if they said anything slightly critical I'd get upset. I remember the veins in my hands were also really hurting at times also. Was weird.


Wow. This is shocking really. Makes you think what it has been doing to your body. I'm glad Im giving it up but this will not be fun :(


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