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Armour verses Levo?

My new doctor is at least smart enough to be testing my t3 levels and open to armour if Levi doesn't produce desired results. I am frustrated because I was undermedicated by my previous Doctor and uneducated on my part. I was on 25 mugs for 6 months when my initial blood results revealed that I was extremely hypo. He just told me to come back in 6 months and I didn't know any better. So my new doctor is increasing very gradually which is all she can do.So right now I am on 50 4 times a week and 25 on other 3. At this point I probably should be on a much higher dosage. My t3 is still on low end which is why she suggested armour. I would just like to know what people's experience is of armour. My biggest complaint right now is hairless. My energy levels are o.k.

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Is this doc a GP or an Endocrinologist?

Do you have your last blood test results -if so can you post them with their reference ranges (numbers in brackets)

A NDT is an option of course but as you have started on levothyroxine I would be inclined to give this drug a chance. Currentky you are on a very low dose indeed. Why hasnt your doc put you on 50mcg every day? 50mcg is a starter dose!

The most common reason for a thyroid medication not working is under medication.

Yiur doc needs to slowly increase your daily meds in small increments -this is usually done every 6-8 weeks.

I would ask for copies of all blood tests and keep a file with them, noting the dose and what meds you were on so you can see the trends.

Hope you start to feel better as your thyroid meds increase.

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Thank you. Yes we will be testing every 4-5 weeks. I guess patience is key here. She is being cautious with me. Maybe because every time I go in there I talk about my latest panic attack! yikes


I can't recommend Armour highly enough. The difference between a synthetic replacement and a natural one the mimics out own hormone for me was a no brainer. I've tried a few brands and have ended up on WP thyroid which is hypoallergenic so minimal added fillers. It's cheaper than Armour and I had to take 3.5 grains whereas I take 2.25 of WP. Not sure your doc needs to be that cautious with increasing your dose unless you have an underlying heart condition or a frail. Nonetheless it's good she's willing to prescribe NDT. Good luck.


Thanks . I am pretty thin and heart problems do tend to run in my family.


NDT doesn't suit everyone, anymore than levo suits everyone. It's all trial and error, and you have to try things to see what suits you.

But, millions of people do very well on levo, so I think you should give it a decent try. It isn't working at the moment because you're not taking enough! Why is your doctor increasing so slowly? That's not necessary. She should have put you on 50 daily after 25 mcg, and then up to 75 after six weeks. She's still under-medicating you, just like your last doctor did. Not sure she really knows what she's doing.


You are still under medicated. You are on 40 mcgs per day which is a very low dose. Like gg says you should be up to 75 after about six weeks. If you can reach feeling well on Levo (as millions do) more power to you and life will be simpler. However….. many don't and I am one of them, I am on Armour and as JodyPody says, I too cannot speak more highly of it, it saved my life. Having said that however, I used to be on one particular brand of Levo and I managed just fine (at 150mcg pd), but that brand has been discontinued and subsequent brands did not work. Brand is yet another variable when it comes to Levo, sheep, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more consistent. (btw, Armour comes from sheep - and, yes, for the purists also cows)

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