B complex - lowering folate levels!

My medicinal function dr doesnt want me on a b complex cus of all other supps he has me on so I stopped them a couple of months ago, but looking at how my folate levels are dropping every month from my test results (see my profile) i think i need them. He recommended i take a methyl Folate one. I thought I need all my B's? especially as I am not eating properly due to my severe anxiety. Recommendations please?

Also very concerned regarding my serum folate, it gets lower and lower every month, is that due to my no longer taking my B Vits?

December 26.80 (10.4-42.4)

January 37.78

February 35.99

March 29.10

April 19.94

June 13.08

July 15.68

August 11.65

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Jefner Do you want just folate or a B Complex?

If a B Complex then you can't go wrong with Thorne Basic B.

If just folate look here, Jarrows, Life Extension and Nature's Own would be fine, (not everyone likes Solgar) amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&key...


have just revised my post honey

Jefner Looking at those results, since you stopped your B Complex your folate has taken a nose dive. I don't understand why your functional doctor doesn't want you on a B Complex. Is it purely because of the number of other supplements, or do the other supplements contain some of the same vitamins and you might be overdosing on some of them? What else do you take? Your B vits should be balanced. Do you take B12?

You certainly need to increase the folate, so if you don't take a B Complex you could take a folate supplement.

seasidesusie, I do take b12 methyl a couple of times a week, not every day now as my levels are quite high although they seem to fluctuate each month as well. He didn't want me taking anything else because he said he won't know what is and isn't working. Am just talking with some Admins in the Hashi's 411 group on Facebook and I am gonna stop some of the supps he has given me to see if that helps how shit I feel

I don't know anything about your functional doctor, maybe I missed your posts. Did you start all the supplements at the same time or did you introduce them one at a time to see if you had any reactions? Just wondering if any of your supplements are making you feel worse and you can pinpoint what it is.


Started them one at a time. Talking with this lady she says the Glutathione / L Glutamine I am taking might not suit me so I am stopping them

That's very true! It made me feel bad, too. Why didn't you tell me you were taking that?!?

Greygoose, i did hon

I've never taken Glutathione but I do take L-Glutamine and it works wonders for my gut, so I'm lucky.

Are you taking some kind of combined supplement?

I've never heard of Glutathione supplements before so I'm just asking out of curiosity.


Its apex energetics glutathione recycler

Thanks, I'll look it up. :)

Absorption of glutathione is tricky! Apparently transdermal is the way to go otherwise you may be wasting your money. Having said that, I agree with greygoose that supps like glutamine may not be helpful for everyone. In fact they made my daughter worse because of gene mutations like CBS that affect the way the body copes with anything sulphurous , including garlic onion cabbage etc. They can create issues including anxiety by up regulating excitatory pathways in our brains. The issues we suffer from can be very complex and finding the answers is even more complex. In our experience ensuring adrenals are happy and taking the correct thyroid meds are the best ways to feel well. Many supplements from functional docs can complicate matters. Good luck and I do really hope you find answers and feel well soon.x

Are you thinking of taking both of them? The second one is B3. If you're thinking of taking both you might as well take the B Complex which gives you the folate and all the other B vits.


I am just too confused and ill at the moment to be able to work anything out. I just need a decent b complex that doesn't have high doses of each

Thorne Basic B


where do you buy yours from?

just bought some from Amazon, thanks hon

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