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Help and advice needed please!

I have joined this group just to get a little bit of advice really. A couple of years ago i had a large swelling across my neck, which was investigated quite quickly due to my sister having had to have her thyroid removed due to cancer years previous to that. After having ultrasound scans it was discovered that i was born with only half of my thyroid. They also found that I had two cysts on the lobe which resulted in numerous biopsies as alot of the test results were inconclusive. In the end they felt that the cysts were fine and that no further action needed to be taken. Blood tests always showed that my levels were in a "normal" range but I after speaking with lots of different people I just cant accept that. Ive plodded on for a few years but as a 31 yr old who feels extremely tired all of the time to the point where I feel like i've not slept in a month, have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, always seem to be having one health issue after another i am curious as to whether some of this could be accounted to my thyroid? I struggle to lose weight even doing slimming world etc, but its the absolute exhaustion I feel by lunch time that results in me needing a nap to be able to function for the rest of the day that is the biggest issue for me. Has anyone got any advice on what I can do please as Im just really fed up and need some help please. Thankyou x

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Welcome to the forum, Hannahenbom.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue and weight gain are common hypothyroid symptoms. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your most recent thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) and post them in a new question for comment. If you have had ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested post those results too.

Half a thyroid gland is expected to do the work of the whole thyroid gland much the way that one kidney can do the work of two. Cysts will not usually affect thyroid function. The main problem is that UK normal ranges are very broad and patients may be symptomatic long before their thyroid levels are abnormal and a diagnosis is made.


thanks very much. im seeing the doctor on wednesday as just had umbilical repair surgery so will have a chat then


Were your thyroid antibodies ever tested? Your gp will probably refuse, but you can get a private blood test for these and for Free T3, so once you have got your nhs results and posted here you can take charge and investigate yourself.

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hi,sorry to hear of your struggle with health have you considered fibromyalgia,i have low thyroid levels and fibromyalgia ,get someone to poke you in the arm and if it feels like they have punched you ,you could sadly have it ,good luck x


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