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Horsey girl in oregon really needing more energy to keep taking care of my horses and have fun riding them

Hello my name is Early May Ferguson I live in albany oregon I am 57 yrs old and a grandmother to 8 grandchildren I have had graves for 15 yrs and along the way I have been diagnosed with RA , sho- grins syndrome and now low heart rate and all tests say I need a pace maker ' but I'm having my blood work done on the 15th to rule out too low dose of thyroxin , I was givin radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid so don't have one now which sucks ; anyway I've always been a horse girl and don't want to give them up because of being so tired and brain dead , in the past year I was kicked by my horse and got a broken hip and pelvis then I got thrown and had three broken ribs in my back and all because I'm out to lunch so to speak I'm just not paying attention like I need to and I just don't know what to do to fix this

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It will be useful to see your blood test results after the 15th, unless you have copies of earlier ones. How much thyroxin are you on? Also what are your symptoms? It sounds like you are under-treated but some more information would be useful.


Do you have also test results for Vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin

These are often too low, we need very good levels of all four for thyroid hormones to work

Might find interesting reading "immune system recovery plan" by Susan Blum

Leaky gut/gluten intolerance seems often to be a route of lots of immune disease


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