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Triyotex T3 ? Advice for dividing capsule in 3

Hello, I am new here and appreciate the wealth of info and help available on this forum. I reside in the US.

I used the US based ZRT lab to have my free T3 and T4 tested.

My freeT4 result is 1.0 The lab range was .7 - 2.5

My Free T3 result is 2.8 - The lab range was 2.5 - 6.5

I started taking 50 mcg Eutirox T4 from a mexican website. It is a 100 mcg tablet that I split in half and take one daily.

I want to take 25 mcg T3 daily.

I recently received an order of 75 mcg capsules called Triyotex from Mexico.

First,,does anyone have any experience with either of these medications?

Second, does anyone have advice for how best to divide the contents of a 75 mcg capsule into 3 portions? Can it even be done?

If anyone has anything else they feel,I,should know, I am open to hearing your experiences.

I have been reading posts here and I see that some people really like uni pharmacy for T3, others think tiromel is fine. Others don't like tiromel.

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I tried it. It's a poor quality drug advertised even by factory producing it for weight loss and not for hypothyroidism. Mexican online pharmacies are selling it only because since Cynomel was gone they don't have anything else to offer. 75 mcg they say it contains is a joke, I don't know how much of T3 is actually in it, so trying to calculate how to divide it doesn't help much. Also it's not time-release formula as some think. Anyway, I don't consider this as a serious medication.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Which T3 do you use? Thanks.


Hi Divine, I used Triyotex from Mexico for a few months. I'm also in the U.S.

I first thought it was a timed release product although everyone disagrees. I also tried to divide it in half. It supposedly contains 75 mcgs. It was not effective for me as my TSH went up 2 1/2 points so I doubt its efficacy. Maybe taking the whole capsule would be better.

To divide is really difficult but I did try this. Crease a sheet of paper in half and pour out the capsule so it forms a long line of the T3 along the crease in single file. Then, you can at least get close to 1/3 or 1/2 of the contents by removing the portion you don't want. You can buy empty capsules but I usually just swallowed them with a drink. They seem to be coated and I still think they are slow release or something.


Thanks, Heloise. What do you use now?


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