Who knew Propranolol made such an impact on positive health in undiagnosed!

So I'm 48 hours off all propranolol, was on 70mg/day but have detoxed for the blue horizon thyroid test.

It's incredible just how much symptom control it has on me.

Im actually taken aback by it, not just because I'm stuck on the loo feeling like my heart is being pulled out through my shoulder blades, but because I just never expected such a reaction to not taking this drug.

Stunned and in truth a little scared by the rapid dependency given I only started taking it less than a month ago!

Blood test at 4pm tomorrow, it's hopefully almost over...

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What were you prescribed the propranolol for?

For suspected hyperthyroidism as it runs in my family coupled with my mild goitre and other symptoms.

😕 x

I took it for one day and it put me in hospital for two days due to giving me side effects not dissimilar to a stroke. Its a dreadful drug.

That's really helpful to know. You poor thing, that's awful. How are you now? Hope you're better and on the right medication xx

I avoid that drug at all costs - it triggers Asthma for me (and many other people as well I understand)

I was stuck on it, inappropriately for over 17 years. Turned out I had coeliac as well as Hashi.

Still struggling to walk, as result of the affect it had of lowering PTH, despite my undiagnosed low Vit D (which should raise PTH)

Propranolol also lowers magnesium, made huge improvement supplementing magnesium, as I slowly reduced/stopped taking propranolol.

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I have been on Propranolol for years for migraine prevention, I dont get migraines anymore thankfully ,but I would love to stop taking them, how did you do it slowDragon? as if I am late taking them I start shaking etc.

Well you might be not getting the migraine because your on the propranolol.

However if you do want to try reducing, it has to be done very slowly. I found cutting by just 5mg (half a tablet) was manageable. Stick on that for 10days to two weeks. Then drop by 5 mg again.

Supplementing magnesium was extremely helpful. There's a lot about how propranolol lowers magnesium in the book The magnesium miracle"

Propranolol also lowers parathyroid hormone (Pth) see lab tests online info on parathyroid testing and relevance of low vitamin d


I was stuck on propranolol because of undiagnosed gluten intolerance/coeliac causing hidden low vitamin D.

I assume this is/was secondary Hyperparathyroidism


Wasn't able to stop propranolol entirely until I went gluten free.

I had tried several times before that to cut down, would get to 10mg, but not able to go lower.

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I work in addictions so create complex detox and reduction plans based on the persons individual ability to cope with detoxification.

But even I'm alarmed at the rapid dependence my body has had to this drug.

If I can help you reduce/stop get in touch Hun.x

Me too, acted like a magic wand for my migraines. I have just had a full blood screen done and happy to say it came back quite good so I am happy to continue with my three doses a day of prop. Took a while to adjust to three doses but I am now over that hurdle, thankfully.

Ah Hun well done you must be so relieved x

Not sure why you are doing a 'detox' prior to a thyroid blood test. You would want the test to reflect your normal situation and propanalol is unlikely to affect the results. I would not do 'cold turkey' on these sort of medications without getting advice from your doctor.

I've only been on it for a few weeks and I need to replicate as honest a picture as my health was when my last bloods were taken three weeks ago rather than the 70mg state that the drug creates. I've stopped other meds to as I researched that some can effect the delicate balance of the system as some meds can have impacts on hormones.

I'm a consultant in addictions and create detox and reduction plans for patients so haven't gone cold turkey but I'm very grateful to your post for others considering this approach to achieving a 'clean' blood result.

I'm not under an endo yet as I have not had my private bloods or full thyroid range taken yet, but my GPS support my medication programme completely but only because of what I do for a living.

People without this clinical or professional experience should ALWAYS consult a clinically trained professional before altering their prescribed medications or supplementing with alternative medications.


MrsJim (love the name)

Brief history - I'm hoping you can help.

2 Grand Mal seizures 3 years apart not epileptic but on 3 AEDs Lamictal as a base Keppra as a back up and Frisium.

Off Keppra now but just can't get off Frisium without the awful withdrawals. Have been left on it far too long without being monitored- since Dec '14 !!! I'm usually very clued in but I was overwhelmed and not so sharp - didn't even realise it was a benzodiazepine ! Really really not like me.

How on earth can I get off this - I'm on 10mgs AM, I've tried 5 and 5, 5 and 2 etc etc The 10 is keeping me balanced I think ......completely fatigued but balanced.

I've Hashimotos too btw and need surgery for lesions.......also being tested for Temporal Arteritis and I've asthma and bronchiectasis

.......There's a lot going on ....auto immune up the left I think !

TIA Susan-Mac

Propranolol is known to interfere with the conversion of T4 to T3.

Thank you, I just felt in my situation I had to stop taking it but wish I'd stopped sooner because I'm not nearly as bad as I was last month so I know I still have propranolol in my system but just gotta hope for the best.xx

Oh gosh, I didn't know that, why don't GPs tell us?? I'm taking Propranolol for migraines and don't seem to be having any side effects. I take 40mg twice a day, is that what everyone else takes for migraine prevention? I'd like to reduce it if possible.

The effect was mentioned in Thyroid for Dummies ,which is really rather goodif a little out of date and not to the liking of NDT fans i suspect.

I had no idea there was a Thyroid for Dummies - will look into that one, thank you. I'm learning a lot here as ever on this wonderful forum.

My wife came across it in the small local library!

Printed around 2006/7 i think. Would be good if they updated it.

😆 I was a bit shocked too when I read it 😊

I would agree with Jimh - you really want blood test to reflect where you are at, on your current medication / vitamins.

propranolol is usually recommended to be reduced or withdrawn very very slowly over a period of weeks/months. Took me over two months to reduce from 40mg to zero

When I get my tests, apart from delaying my Levo dose for 24 hours before hand, and taking it straight after (as advised by very senior endo) I stick to taking all vitamins & medications exactly as normal

Ordinarily that would make perfect clinical sense but I've only been on it for a few weeks so my titration hadn't really finished before my detox began.

I'm testing for hyperthyroid so it's vital to demonstrate how I was during my previous blood test less than a month ago.

Thank you for your reply xx

SlowDragon, I understand your logic about continuing to take all vitamins and medications before testing. But some pills and potions will alter blood tests so much and so quickly that giving them up briefly is a good idea, particularly if you intend to come off them permanently at some point.

Iron supplements can alter blood levels very quickly. The NHS suggests stopping iron supplementing for 24 hours and testing while fasting :

Iron blood test

Iron blood tests are usually taken in the morning before you eat anything. You should also avoid taking iron pills or tablets for 24 hours before your test. Your body absorbs iron very quickly from food or pills, so this can raise your iron levels and affect the test results.

Source : nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1018.aspx?...

STTM suggests stopping iron supplements for 5 days :


a) For most of the below, we learned from our more progressive doctors that you’ll need to be off what you are testing for a minimum of 12 hours, i.e. take nothing the morning of the test.

b) For iron, we learned to be off for 5 days based on information from the Iron Institute, i.e. to see what we are “holding onto”.

c) For saliva, we learned to be off any cortisol-containing or cortisol-changing supplement for up to two weeks, “if possible” and in working with your doctor. Some things we may not be able to get off of, though.

Source : stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

see, my doctor never told me that grrrr

Nor mine. I've probably had iron tested soon after supplementing and after eating several times. Thankfully I know better now.

Thanks Humanbean - I only take Vit D, selenium with Vit E, Vit C with zinc & k2 ...oh and magnesium of course

So my blue horizons plus eleven only checks the Vit D out of that lot.

I take daily Vit D dose at lunch. Blood test following morning at 8am.

My folate, B12 and ferritin are all pretty good and improving even more now I am gluten free


I have Propranolol for tremor and anxiety but I only take it for an event and endure my problems without it most of the time. I heard it said that this was the best way to handle that medication and I have to say that it works for me. I only take 10mg when I absolutely need it.

Doctors have said that it doesn't cause overactive bladder but I have proved time and time again that in my case it absolutely does whether it be directly or indirectly.

It would be interesting to know what others have found.

It reduced bladder issues for me Hun, but I had other symptoms like heart aching feeling. Difficult to explain. But my biggest worry was just how quickly my system became dependent on it.xx

There are some medical people in my family and they say that they've seen quite severe side effects from the taking of Propranolol but I given to believe it to be harmless. A friend of mine found it hard to walk after taking it so I avoid taking it before I take the dog out.

There is no such thing as 'detox' it was invented by the health industry.


That they stole from tribes peoples ritual detox cleansings!

I was put on 80mg Propranolol for tachycardia. It slows down the heart beat, but if you have bad circulation that's not good; my blood got very thick.

When I stopped taking it I had horrendous symptoms and spikes of very high blood pressure, which optician said damaged my eye blood vessels.. My GP was clueless.

So I decided to go back on it and very gradually reduce. It took me a year, but symptoms were less that way. I don't get tachy much now - it's changed into wobbly arrhythmia.

So I still take an occasional pill, if needed, to try to settle heartbeat - this doesn't seem to create a dependance; and I carry them with me, just in case, HB goes out of control.

So, best to reduce very slowly.

You were supposed to wean slowly off! You could trigger serious heart issues that can be fatal. Who let you just stop? Also, uncontrolled high blood pressure can result from cold turkey. Prop lowers t3 levels and makes you fat..or so i was told by an Endocrinologist. 10mgs, makes a great anti anxiety drug. I have used it off and on for years for racing heart and palps with hashimotos disease.

It could take many more days, weeks to get a accurate reading on your ft3 level, i would think.

faith63 thanks for your reply. I was only on it for less than three weeks and I'm clinically qualified to perform detoxifications.

I'm also probable for hyperthyroid as most of my family have Graves, or associated autoimmune disorders.

But for anyone else without this clinical training or experience please consult your specialist, GP endo etc before any reduction or increase in any medication in preparation for your blood tests.

Can't believe this I was put on it about 6 months ago for anxiety still taking it have cut down from three to two a day 40 mg each tablet. I was never told i would have to be weaned off iit.

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