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Natural Remedies for Hashimoto's?

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and this is my first post - I just realized I accidentally posted it in the wrong forum, so I'm re-posting here. Sorry!

I'm 45 years old and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year (my levels were 3 times normal), but I haven't gotten on the meds yet - I'd like to try some natural remedies first. Has anyone else tried anything that has worked? I've suffered with absolutely horrible fatigue for the entire year (I literally couldn't get out of bed some days) until 3 months ago when I got on a series of vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements that I'd given to my sister with cancer. I have zero fatigue now. But...I still have insomnia and a problem with my eyes where they sometimes get blurry and feel like there's a thin film coating one of them - I believe this is inflammation, so I've started taking Bromelain; I'll report back here when I see if that helps.

I've read that there's some evidence of a connection between the thyroid and problems with the gut.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

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Ndt is a natural remedy in itself. Your thyroid has been damaged by antibodies, it's fab you have dealt with your low nutrients, please tell us more on that, but I don't think anyone here will say other than you need to take replacements for the thyroid hormones you are missing.

You are already totally gluten free, right?

There are connections between the gut and hypo, some of them caused by the hypo, some co existing, but putting that right still won't cure your struggling thyroid if you have Hashis.

Post your full results with ranges and you will get more informed help.


OK you posted twice, you have celiac, two auto immune diseases, so are gluten free. You have a common co morbidity.

If you have anxiety re new medicines you should look at Armour, it is natural, ndt, you may find it less worrying than the synthetic substitutes, and you will find a dr to prescribe it in the US. But you should definitely take something to support your thyroid.


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