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If I post my results will someone be able to explain them to me as I have just been on Thyroid UK site don't know if I am reading it right but I am sure it says if I go through Thyroid UK for the test they will email me results but cannot explain them to me I will have to go private for that ? brains not working very well at moment so may be reading it wrong

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You have to name a practitioner on the form for adrenal tests, so put Thyroid UK or let Genova (if that is who you are using) know that when you speak to them. When you get the results emailed to you, you will get a generalised interpretation of your results, but if you want a detailed, more personalised account, you can pay for a consultation with a named practitioner. . This is entirely optional. You could of course, take the results to anyone you like, or post them here. If you go ahead, a quick tip for the saliva test: drink lots of water so you are well hydrated and make sure you have a lemon handy to sniff, to encourage production of saliva.


Thanks for replying Scazzoh wasn't sure if I was reading it right will order one today it makes it expensive if you have to pay a consultant will do as you say about water and lemon

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