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Causes of Hyperthyroidism

My last post / question tonight! A year ago, I had a thyroid scan, and thyroid tests, which all came back fine. A year later I find myself with zero TSH and a T4 level of 51?! How does this happen? I recently reintroduced cheese into my diet, I have read that cutting dairy helps thyroid conditions (as well as gluten)... Could cheese have caused this? Sorry if I sound crazy!

OR! I have had deep stress over the breakdown of my marriage for 8 months... Could stress have caused this? Or am I overthinking things? TIA

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Have you had your antibodiex tested? You could have Hashis. I very much doubt if cheese has anything to do with it.

People cut out gluten either when they have Coeliac Disease, are sensitive to gluten or have antibodues. I don't think it affects the thyroid as such.


Sounds like either Graves Hyperthyroid or the hyper phase of Hashimotos

Cheese or stress are not the cause although extreme stress could have triggered what was bubbling underneath


Thank you... I am coeliac! So yes, I cut gluten. I had my antibodies tested, but don't know results yet... Its been a week, so I am surprised that they are not back. Its interesting then that so many think dairy could be a culprit (as a contributing factor to inflammation)... I do think those with coeliac are more prone to other autoimmune (assuming this is what I have)... Thank you both, much appreciated... Might go and have some cheese! Yum!


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