Causes of Hyperthyroidism

My last post / question tonight! A year ago, I had a thyroid scan, and thyroid tests, which all came back fine. A year later I find myself with zero TSH and a T4 level of 51?! How does this happen? I recently reintroduced cheese into my diet, I have read that cutting dairy helps thyroid conditions (as well as gluten)... Could cheese have caused this? Sorry if I sound crazy!

OR! I have had deep stress over the breakdown of my marriage for 8 months... Could stress have caused this? Or am I overthinking things? TIA

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  • Have you had your antibodiex tested? You could have Hashis. I very much doubt if cheese has anything to do with it.

    People cut out gluten either when they have Coeliac Disease, are sensitive to gluten or have antibodues. I don't think it affects the thyroid as such.

  • Sounds like either Graves Hyperthyroid or the hyper phase of Hashimotos

    Cheese or stress are not the cause although extreme stress could have triggered what was bubbling underneath

  • Thank you... I am coeliac! So yes, I cut gluten. I had my antibodies tested, but don't know results yet... Its been a week, so I am surprised that they are not back. Its interesting then that so many think dairy could be a culprit (as a contributing factor to inflammation)... I do think those with coeliac are more prone to other autoimmune (assuming this is what I have)... Thank you both, much appreciated... Might go and have some cheese! Yum!

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