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Sorry . Last new post today . Which doctor or endo out of these please ?

Bearing in mind I've ordered my blood test kit I plan to seek more help aswell as everyone here when I post results.

From the thyroid uk list I've narrowed down to

Dr . Bernard Willis London Harley st clinic

Dr.Oliver Frey country health

Dr.paul Jenkins

My other option is to see someone at the hospital I have my bloods taken from the BMI hospital group.

Glad of any feedback or suggestions please

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May I ask, what's your current dose of levo?

I'd suggest taking your existing test results to a different gp and get an increase in your levo. I'd save the big guns for if you still don't feel well after you've been on the right dose for a while.

Your gp is either making a mistake or isn't informed that if you're on levo your tsh needs to be well in range. My gp said to me the other day, 'We use a different calibration when you're being treated.' Is it possible your gp has forgotten you're already on meds and thinks they're waiting for your tsh to exceed 10 before they start treating you? This is more of an admin error than a matter for a specialist.

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puncturedbicycle "My gp said to me the other day, 'We use a different calibration when you're being treated.' "

Really?? What did he mean by that PB? I'm curious! Did that mean that he's actually one of those doctors who know our TSH is usually better at around 1 or below when on thyroid meds and he aims for that? Or does he think there are different tests for undiagnosed and diagnosed patients :D

Just popped into my head that did :D

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She meant that tsh of 5 is too high for someone on treatment, that when treated you aim to keep the tsh lower, around 1. If you're not on treatment your tsh may go up and down in the range without anyone wanting to start you on meds unless there are other signs you have a consistently uat.


I thought that would be it PB :) (it just tickled me thinking the doctor may think there are different tests for diagnosed and not diagnosed patients, it wouldn't surprise me from some of the things we read here :D ).

So you have one of the good ones, hold on to her, don't move house, don't let her retire (like mine did and got replaced with a donkey :( ), and tell us where you live 'cos we all want to move to your surgery :D

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