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Learning curve and adrenals

Since joining this group and some online research myself I see info linking adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems which is something I didn't know sorry , I've read about certain foods and activities we do that impact on your adrenals like caffeine ,sugar, workload , stress . Which has made me realise or wonder about a reaction I feel after many of the above lie eating sugary foods or a coffee I want to sleep within 20 mins lie I've had an anaesthetic !! If true it must be smashing my adrenals .

One problem I have is reading lots as when I have a foggy head which is most days ,looking down and reading sends me crazy and o don't / can't take it in whereas short bullet point info is of great help . Are my adrenals really being affected this much and then having a knock on affect to my underactive thyroid? Because often when tired I'll jump for a coffee or something sweet and often feel worse after . Where is best to find out more on this please ideally compact version or video ?

This impacts who I look for as I seek private treatment as I need someone who will over the nutritional and vitamin side too. Thanks in advance

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Paul1108 If you Google 'adrenals thyroid video' there are a few YouTube videos plus links to articles that will help you.

You have described exactly how I am when reading, I can't cope with lots of writing in the normal way, I need easy to understand short versions, bullet points, etc.

I can't remember the other doctors you mentioned but know that you mentioned Dr P. One of the first things he looks at is adrenals and if necessary addresses supporting those before any starting any thyroid treatment.

You might want to consider getting Dr P's book it's an easy read, explains things very well and is great to dip in and out of.

You might want to consider a Genova 24 hour saliva adrenal stress test which you'll need to go through ThyroidUK for as Genova don't deal direct with the public. END01 is the test needed from the list of tests linked to

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Thanks Seaside Susie , on the long road now starting with blue horizon blood tests this week. Once I have results I'll post and look for appropriate doc/ endo .


You may find that once you improve the vitamin levels, that adrenals improve.

Also if you have Hashimoto's and change to gluten free diet, this also can help support adrenals.

'The Immune system recovery plan' by Susan Blum explains the gluten and nutrition connection very clearly (though it is a bit American)

Also explains adrenals.....but more complex to grasp (or my brain was having an off day!)


Starting the path of recovery through the self help community is like entering the tardis.I suffer from easily triggered anxiety & low mood,so I have to self-censor to avoid overwhelm.I frequently need to take a break from researching getting well.I can't cope with most Youtube presentations,for instance,or websites with too much complex information.The amount of material & the decisions to be made often feel daunting but thanks to this forum I am SO much better than I was when I started to take my health into my own hands.After 18 years on thyroxine I crashed into depression with acute anxiety.After 2 years of utter misery I then experienced 2 years of fatigue so profound I found my life had shrunk to a very small thing indeed.

Thanks to relocation & a new GP,I started to add T3 to my T4.Now I have been GF for a year,have been taking LDN for a year & have been on T3-only for a year,buying extra on the internet.I know which supplements I need to take.

I cannot cope with stress at all.I go to pieces & become anxious,then low in mood.My adrenals are in poor shape.I am still learning how & when to dose to avoid raising cortisol higher.I am still learning about healing the adrenals.

However,my cognitive functioning is much improved from the days of depression & brain-fog at the start of my recovery journey.

Having said that,I still can't face getting used to a smartphone & am unable to successfully use my 4 closed FB groups-beyond me(Recovering with T3 & 3 LDn groups.

THANK YOU THYROID UK FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK.Its not the same life I had before but I have HOPE when things feel bleak.


Sounds like me when first diagnosed ,and stress now cannot handle it full stop . So bad lately is why I'm looking so take my own path instead of waiting for gp or hospital . Hoping to find gp or endo to work with .


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