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Blood test results - help needed!

Blood test results - help needed!

I have had 3 blood tests; Full Blood Count, Liver Function Test and Fluride Glucose done recently and need help to interpret them.

I can see a couple of results in bold saying "High" or "Low" but my GP said everything is normal. Have the results included my thyroid function?

Looks like I will have to post them one at a time.

Many thanks in advance.

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The way you have presented your blood test results means it's impossible for anyone to work out what the possible issues are. This is because while results are grouped you actually need to look across the groups to work out what could be the likely cause of something being wrong.

For example when I look at red blood cell results I want to cross reference with iron such as ferritin, vitamin b12 and folate results.

It would be prudent for you to copy them out in the form below and then post them in one post:

test result (range)


TSH 5.0 (0.25-4.5)

T4 22 (11-23)

You can do this by writing them in notepad so you can save it as you go along then paste it in one post on a thread.


Thank you Bluebug. Not ever used a forum before so it's a steep learning curve.

I had three blood test at my GP practice who gave me printed copies of them. They were Liver Function Test, Full Blood Count and Fluoride Glucose. I used my phoned to photograph them and then uploaded them to this forum but couldn't do them altogether so posted them individually.

If I were to cut and paste them all on one page and upload them again would that help? I have had a Thyroid Function test done privately and should get the results in a few days.

Just trying to work out why I feel so lethargic all the time.


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