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Test results


I posted a few days ago about my symptoms and recent TSH 3.29 (late June 2016 labs) which make me think I have Hashimoto's and/or hypothyroidism. I am waiting on my thyroid results however I did get my copper, zinc and ceruloplasmin results today and would love some help with finding out what they mean as I won't be meeting with Dr till 22nd.

Copper 182 (range: 72 - 166)

Ceruloplasmin 46 (range: 19 - 39)

Zinc 94 (56 - 134)

Thanks in advance!

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Did you not get any other thyroid results? No FT4, FT3? Yes, your TSH is high, but on its own, doesn't mean much. However, it does suggest that you are hypo. There are antibody tests to show if you have Hashi's.

Just been reading through your last thread, and seems you haven't received your results for all that, yet. But, no mention of antibodies, so that's two tests that need doing : TPOab and TgAB.

Why did you test for copper? It's high - which is possibly why the Ceruloplasmin is high. But your copper could be high because you are hypo - or have you been supplementing copper?

Did you get your other nutrients tested? Vit D? Vit B12? Folate? Ferritin? These four are extremely important for thyroid, and could be low, causing or exacerbating symptoms. :)

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Hi Greygoose,

Thanks for your response. They are checking for antibodies, TSH (that 3.29 was from my GP back in late June), FT3, FT4, nutrients, I just dontbhave those results back yet. I'm not taking any supplements right now and was surprised to see my copper high. Could this be part of hypo? I think they tested me for copper and zinc (zinc is in normal range) as I believe they are important in the big picture of thyroid diagnosis, just what I've been reading.


Yes, it could be just hypo, but it's very rare to see them tested without specifically asking for them to be done. They may be important for diagnosing thyroid, but the majority of doctors wouldn't have a clue faced with those results!

If your TSH was done in June, it could have gone up or down by now. So, I hope they've tested it again.


Hi Greygoose,

I found this article and thought I'd share with you.


as it appears that copper levels are important to check to get a full picture of thyroid health and function. I feel lucky to have found a dr who is checking the whole big picture. Yes, he did test TSH last week, just haven't received those results yet. It's amazing how many days/weeks some of these results take :)


Thank you, feelgfrustrtd, I shall save that to read another time, it's a bit too dense for this time of night!

Yes, you are very lucky to have found a doctor who is so thorough. I've never met one quite like that, and I've met an awful lot of doctors! I've certainly never had my copper tested! It was a hard slog to get B12! They just do not realise the importance of these things. Most of them just test the TSH and thing their job is done. Sigh.


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