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Just been refused t3 funding by somerset ccg


I am on NHS t3 and my supply runs out near end of September.

A colleague on another fb forum suggested imasked on here if any of you buy t3 from the internet.

I'm hoping by asking this they may be one that used by several of you and you been on it quite a while and feeling good on it and no problems, that way that site will give me more confidence rather than one not known.

You see my friends nephew died after buying meds off internet I don't know what they were for but two tablets was enough to kill this young man

Hoping you may be able to help me love sweetpea xxxx

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Im in the south west so under south somerset so think I need to go under that mp



Have the CCG written to say why the funding is withdrawn? I think you must appeal the decision but should obtain your own T3 in the meantime.


They said because there was not enough evidenced. I included a diary of sleep and wake. Activitys and moods whilst on t3/4 only on t4 and back on t3/4



My endo told me there was insufficient evidence to prove T3 is beneficial at the same time he was commenting on the improvement in my health after six months self medicating T3 in addition to T4. He prescribed T3 without me asking but it may have been that he didn't want me buying it online.

It's outrageous that a medication which is improving the symptoms of individual patients is withdrawn due to lack of RCT evidence. I don't believe lack of evidence is the reason. I'm sure it is the extortionate cost of T3 in the UK which is the reason.


Im pretty sure it cost too




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