What Hormone/Thyroid Bloods Do I Ask For..Help?

Hi All,

Can anyone please drop me a message telling me exactly what thyroid/hormone bloods I should request from my gp and anything else like vita d (gp says he is blocked from requesting these last time!).

I just want to make sure to state to gp which rather than leave it to him and be incomplete.

Any help gratefully received. Xx

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Id ask for Tsh T3 T4 b12"folate vit d full blood count ferritin iron i dont know whatvthey can do I did mine with BLue horizons you all had a look then went to him with it .Dr vincent was a bit shocked and i just told him what i thought all the great ideas you guys said and he didnt argue at all.I thought i was in for another fight .mind you i have been to see the practice msnager before this as im fed up and i did have a private dr treat me before .but i went in very upset and was totally surprised .good luck

Thank you Magic777. My gp is good and willing to take my requests unless he is blocked from.

I was previously low on vitamin d, treated for a month, then when I asked for recheck he said gp's currently blocked from ordering vita d test and he was challenging this. How mad is that!

Anyway, I will request as you suggested.


Yeah its terrible fisgudting just try to see what you can get best wishes lx


Free t4

Free t3

Thyroid antibodies




Vit d3

All are vital and interconnected and the last 4 must be optimum

Many thanks ...just requested all, plus a few more. Going to post results on here after. I won't be surprised if some are not done though as seems to be more and more go is blocked from being allowed to order (including vita d!).

I realised (light bulb rare moment ) also that I have annual atrophied thyroid nuclear pet scans and pituitary adenoma MRI's but no hormone bloods.... that seems like madness to me.


which means if they only test TSH it will be low and they will miss Central Hypothyroid because they don't know its different to primary hypothyroid

Theres plenty of research on why




vit d3

are essential

a google scholar search will soon unearth latest research papers which you need to print off and hand to them

If the path lab refuse the tests phone them up and point them to the research too

Always ensure your GP writes ? central Hypothyroid on lab requests for free T4 and free T3 because TSH is meaningless in central hypothyroid

My gp said he can't even request vitamin d bloods currently unless there is evidence of bone density problems (specifically with scans via a Consultant). He did say he is fighting this block. I pm not impressed as previously vita d treated and no follow up option with this situation.

Is Free T3 and T3 (same for T4/free T4) different blood tests?


Bone density scans denied unless you get a broken bone

Vit d3 test vital in hypothyroid as levothyroxine cannot be absorbed if its low

Magnesium should be tested too but they wont

Free T4 and Free T3 tests are fine no need for total t3 and t4 as well

Thank you... really appreciate your info. I struggle to get my head around, I think partly because of the huge variation of what's said by Endo etc .

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