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Thyroid swelling

I have recently found out that I have hosimotos and am wondering if this could be causing my joint pain? I also have noticed that when my thyroid swells and it's very noticeable (is this notmal?) I can tell its swollen without even feeling it because I feel like I'm coming down with something, tired and achy. My Endo said my thyroid didn't look swollen to her and it looked like a golf ball only sometimes though and they lowered my meds. I have hypo not hyper

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My thyroid swelling because my hyper.do you still have thyroid gland


YES on both counts

My husband used to run the gauntlet of a constant round of feeling like going down with the flu every 3 weeks

the joint pains too were awful

Levothyroxine made the pains worse only NDT has restored him to health

Daughter and granddaughters will tell you same thing

If Endos actually suffered Hashimotos they might be able to empathise and treat patients better


What is ntd?


Natural dessicated thyroid


I suffered from bad joint pain and found I was deficient in Vitamin D and B12. Was given supplements which made a big difference. Lack of sunshine definitely plays a part. Was on holiday in Spain for 2 weeks and never had one ache or pain. 2 days back in Scotland and back to feeling shattered again :-(


It can be the kind of heat that helps too though. Not necessarily the sunshine. In Italy for example I have hardly any pain and then as soon as I get back, even if good weather here, the pain returns. I think we have a more damp heat.



I totally relate to your post.

Ultra sound picked up I have literally right side only thyroid gland (took 4 scans over 18 months, on the same area, before it was noticed), no thyroid surgery.

Thyroid gland I have swells, not massive, but enough for family to notice. Like you, I know without feeling it due to the heightened level of feeling unwell for me. It reddens and around the area.

I have a lumpy tongue, NHS just within range hormone bloods, lymph node pain throughout, chronic fatigue, pain, joint pain and swelling (particularly ankles), on/off soft clavical swelling, itchy, tremors and feeling of inner vibration,mood swings..get very anxious too,eye pain, sweating to cold (seems lack of body temperature control) and more.

Endo told me thyroid swelling is normal & had no interest at all.

Diagnosed with CFS/ME/Fybromyalgia (my weakness affects my mobility considerably), however I feel my thyroid issues may have alot to do with many of my problems. Told thyroid is Congenital Atrophy Thyroid. Also micro pituitary adenoma (not incidental).

Recently a gastro Dr (another story tut ) asking some history instantly said "hmmm... thyroiditis & your tsh was borderline". In his letter he then suggested hyperthyroid . Crazy, I got more response from a Gastro Dr than an Endo.

Do your symptoms relate to mine?



Yes I can relate totally. I'm on Levo and apparently my bloods are within normal range. I find it difficult to walk due to constant pain on the bottom of my feet, painful knees and other joints. I get the flu type symptoms, I shall look to see if it coincides with when I have trouble swallowing more than usual. Iam still on high dose of morphine caps and liquid among other things for a disc i had replaced in Dec. I wonder what the pain would be like if I wasn't on all that. I'm being sent to pain clinic for my feet soon. I hope that they can help me.


I was told my lump looked like a cyst having it checked again after radiotherapy its enlarged and feels tight closing up on warm days hard to breath I also have suffered a few small headaches across the eyes I'm wondering if this the same as most of you are experiencing


I am diagnosed with hypothyroid and hashimotos and I completely understand what you're sAying. Mine even triggered nerve pain in my neck that made me look like I had myasthenia gravis(another auto immune disorder) but all my blood work came back negative for it.. Causing a slight droop to my left upper eyelid.. I went to my regular internist and she ran some blood allergy panels.. I found out I am allergic to the world! I was already eating gluten free/paleo in hopes that I would finally lose weight, never did.. Come to find out: I am allergic to all nuts, wheat, oat, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, and citrus...its been 1 month on my allergen free diet and I am down 30lbs, no more swelling, my insomnia is gone and no more pain.. I get my thyroid labs back on Tuesday, I'll find out if this diet is really making a difference.. Also what are you taking for meds... I had a horrible response to levothyroxie in the generic form, I can only take synthryoid..also my doctor says amour is not optional Bc I don't need T3 yet Bc I am still producing


It's not the Hashimotos per se, that causes the joint pain. It's being hypo. If you are still suffering then the likelihood is that you are under medicated.

I ached terribly per diagnosis, and until I was properly medicated.


Being Hashimotos you absolutely need to be gluten free and also find out your other food sensitivities

Hashimotos is an auto immune disease also called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis. An autoimmune disease is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the body’s own cells and organs. Normally, the immune system protects the body from infection by identifying and destroying bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful foreign substances.

With Hashimoto’s disease, the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, causing inflammation and interfering with its ability to produce thyroid hormones.

Research leaky gut.

When you keep eating gluten microscopic particles leak out of the gut, the body thinks there's a foreign invader and sends T cells to attack. When you eat that food again it sees the same invader. Thus giving you a good sensitivity. There's lots more to it than that but too long to write!

Dr Datis Khazzarian has some brilliant books out.

Also get the Immune system recovery plan. Very informative and has a workbook to help with finding out your food sensitivities.

I think Vit D and B12 deficiencies give you joint pain but I'm now on supplements and still get it. Get your vitamin levels checked though for sure as deficiencies run with Hashimotos.

I've found eating certain things I'm sensitive too give me hideous joint pain. Potato is one of them also tomatoes (in a group called nightshades) onion not good either...

Some foods give me flu like symptoms, headaches, mouth sores. Start a food diary and eliminate your enemies!


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