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Been on t3 only for Year and a half now.Seem to have gone downhill again.At 45 mcg split 0500 1000 1600.It helped a little but still continue to feel awful all day every day.I am now getting terrible pain in arms and legs and headache above left eye.I f I reduce to 40 headache improves ,bu pain still bad in arms and legs.Terrible lethargy ,like am wieghted down.I just cannot raise above 45 as get hot hyper feelings.I last had bloods done after 16 hours after last t3 dose.TSH 2.89 t3 4.2 range 3.3 - 6.2.

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susiebow I haven't read all of your posts, just had a quick squint through one or two. I see you have Hashimoto's and as the nature of Hashi's is fluctuation of antibodies and therefore symptoms, are you addressing the Hashi's by being gluten free and supplementing with selenium to do all you can to reduce the attacks? Keeping TSH low is also supposed to help reduce the attacks.

Are all vitamins and minerals at their optimal levels, have they been tested?

Other than that, the only other thing I can think of is what was preventing me from improving after trying every combination of meds possible, and that was testing adrenals, finding a problem and addressing it; testing sex hormones, finding a problem and addressing it; and getting deficiencies with vits and mins sorted.

There may be other things going on with you that need looking at but those would be a start.

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