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Hypothyroid tsh level 0.077

I am a 52 year old female. My hypothyroid symptoms started after giving birth to my youngest of 3 at the age of 36. Menses also stopped after child birth. He was born premature at 24 weeks gestation. (He is doing well.) After my endo moved out of state 3 years ago. I was doctorless for a few years. continuing my rx only. My New Dr. Ran several test also did a Stem test. I have not gone back for the results yet. Currently taking levothyroxin .88 I am so tired all the time. My hair is thinning terribly! So much that I decided to cut it really short. About a year ago I noticed I started to sweat excessivly. I was one that never broke a sweat easily. Now, even with my short hair the back of my head sweats tremendously. Somewhat embarrassing! Muscle aches, weight gain are also a new thing. I was also diagnosed with partial empty sella. " it has another medical name". Which I can't remember. Because my memory is also shot!. Basically it means I have almost no pituitary gland. Many years ago I was taking growth hormone injections. They seem to somewhat help. Anyone have any suggestions? I have pretty much lost faith on Doctors. Looking for a more natural remedy if at all possible. Of course feeling better is what I want. So willing to try anything. I was pretty athletic at one time.

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The first thing to do here is to edit your post with your latest test results for TSH, FT4 and FT3 with ranges as different labs around the world use different units and have slightly differently calibrated equipment.

Then you need to get tested for ferritin, folate, vitamin D and ferritin. As these vitamins and minerals are essential to ensure your thyroid is working properly. When you do start a new thread posting the results and ranges.

Others will then comment on what you should try to feel better.


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