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My T3 Progress Blurb Thread

My T3 Progress Blurb Thread

Feel free to join in guys :)

I bought some T3 in March this year but it didn't have a chance to kick in as I was too ill at the time. Multiple organ failure, a cardiac arrest and several days in a coma made me think a bit more about all sorts of stuff.

I spent 3 weeks in hospital altogether then after a couple of weeks just flopping at home I decided to take the 25mcg tabs I had at home regularly. So four months on I am happy to share my T3 experiment.

So....gone are the twice daily naps, having to rest several times while making the bed, fainting fits and low blood pressure episodes (down from 10+ a day to a couple of times a week).

I am now taking 25mcg T3 and 100mcg Levothyroxine daily. I am finding the T3 wears off before my next dose is due so am now working on having smaller gaps between doses starting at 23 hours. I am wondering if anyone here has experience of self adjusting their thyroid meds too.

While I am here I just wanted to thank all those peeps here who have offered me so much help and encouragement since I have been posting here.

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Sounds like you are doing great! Have you had blood tests yet to find out where you are? I assume you had high Reverse T3 at the rime of your health crisis and wonder if this has cleared your system yet.


My GP practice only sends me for annual T4 tests and won't prescribe T3. The consultant at the hospital told me I should be on 225mcg Levothyroxine but I haven't heard from them since I came home on April 1st and the GP practice will only let me have 125mcg so I self medicate on 100mcg

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T3 has totally changed my life too - the list of symptoms I no longer have is very long. I am still taking prescribed levothyroxine, but have bought my own T3. I've told my GP, I have yet to tell my endocrinologist, but I will when I next see her. It took me a long time to get to grips that I would have to go it alone, so I really admire that you did it after such an awful catalogue of serious health problems.

I only started mine 3 months ago; I take 6.25mcg three times a day, and I don't feel any need to increase that yet. Like you, I also notice symptoms creeping back in before my next dose is due. I didn't decrease my levothyroxine (I am on 125mcg daily).


to: GosportNancy...Happy you are doing so much better, even tho I was not in on your whole struggle.....May I ask if you were able to just buy your T3 w/o an Rx? If os where & how? I would certainly prefer to self medicate as Docs here (USA ) have not been responsive to me & am exhausted...Patricia VTUI .


To BeansMummy...My question to you as to GosportNancy, is where & how are you able to buy T3? I have been not well for a long time along with a lot of things I need to take care of to keep things going.....I am so pleased to have found health unlocked. UK...I ma listing my email, as I do not know if I can get back to find this particular date, page, to youall.


It's recommended that you don't put your email address on the forum. I know you have requested that I use your email, but I will send you a private message.


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