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Vitamin and mineral testing - can anyone recommend

I wonder if anyone can recommend a test for vitamins and minerals, I know i have some low levels, and before I start supplementing I would like a check as I am lead to believe that once you start supplements the results aren't that clear. I can get blood taken that isn't a problem my friend is a nurse. many thanks karen

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Blue Horizon plus 11 finger prick test.

Have a look at under testing.

Edited to say: You really cannot test for all vitamins and minerals in the body as some of them are bound tightly in your cells so testing the serum level will not tell you very much which is why the tests for things like magnesium are rarely done. However ferritin, folate, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are easy enough to test. Though if you are taking supplements in them you need to not take them for a period of anything from 24 hours to 5 months depending on the supplement.


thank you, i should of guessed it wouldn't be that easy , I am having a t4, tsh t3 test in 6 weeks to be done by gp, as I am being over treated thankfully today the sweating has stopped and i actually feel alive today, for the last week i have felt half a sleep until 3 in the afternoon, I have a book on optimum nutrition fingers crossed i can concentrate, many thanks for answering my questions kx


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