R E M I S S I O N πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„

After my post last week-ish (to which no one seemed to know the answer to) I have found out that as my antibodies are now within normal range and I am officially in remission from hashimotos! YAY.

After researching and speaking to specialists, I've found that as long as my antibodies are within range and I remain symptom free - this is it. The destination. The place I've been working to so hard to get to. The place that seemed so far away, a life time away - is finally here, and as you'd expect I couldn't be happier.

Of course, if I happen to eat something that is a trigger for me (I now know what these are) I could, of course, upset my immune system and have the hashis go off again? It's a risk. But, I've removed the triggers, (never going near them again) healed the gut (ongoing maintenance) and attended to the nutrient deficiencies. Hormones are slowing getting there. So fingers crossed....

I wanted to put this out there so that it can give hope to someone should they need it but also, that it helps with future enquiries - when people asking questions that are important to them on here, it's amazing when fellow people on the same journey are able to help - The help that we get on here makes all the difference - especially when that person maybe feeling down, awful, sick or maybe totally alone and as if no-one else in the world understands or listens. To have an answer is just the magic they need.

Wishing everyone the absolute best on their journeys.



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  • That's fantastic news Natalie. I bet you have worked really hard to get there too. Well done. It is so nice to get Good News stories, gives people hope for the future and reassurance.

  • Thanks scazzoh. It's been awfully hard work to be fair - but worth it ten fold 😌 Hope your having a lovely sunday x

  • Dear Natalie, so pleased for you! Funnily enough I was going to post a question to see whether any members have had success with Functional Medicine approach which, it would seem from your description of 'triggers' & gut healing, you have.

    Could you please let us all know what your regime is? Thanks!!

  • I sure did bluemaxx and sure, if I can remember it all 😳

    First stop for me was to check diet. I got a DNA hair test for food allergies. This was worth it's wait in gold for me. I was covered in spots (never had them before in my life EVER) docs we usual no help? Anyways, cut out all 40 foods that came back positive (some I didnt eat anyway) but most I did. Big ones like coffee, mint, chocolate, all dairy, beef. And the rash/spots went within a week or two. Now if I eat an affending food, the itchy spots come back. So if I eat beef I get the itchy spot on my chest - always same place. Chocolate, itchy rash left cheek and so on.

    Then realised I must have leaky gut and food particles were getting and causing allergic reactions.

    I also had ibs out if nowhere. Another clue for me.

    So affending/ allergic foods all out plus all below foods also out:





    Sugar (or fruit)

    Sweetness big no




    Processed food all out

    Alcohol out

    All sodas, juices etc (just water)

    No grains at all

    Just Incase of environmental things being an issue I did the following :

    cut out tap water due to fluoride.

    And in order to remove other environmental toxins;

    Make own toothpaste- coconut oil

    Make own makeup remover

    To heal gut here's the protocol and use:

    Make own sauerkraut.

    Drink kefir every day (coconut as fairy is out)

    Kombucha every few days

    Glutamine daily

    Had nutrient deficiencies so Supplement protocol;


    But d

    b vits

    Digestive enzymes

    Plus get zinc and other vits from seed rotation daily (system to balance hormones)

    Lots of early nights 😌😌😌

    Not sure that's everything of top of my head as it's become a lifestyle now and I do all without thinking - but if you need to know anything else please ask X

  • Thats wonderful nat. I am fighting mine too and feeling very ill. Did you have adrenal probs too? I have high cortisol and hashis. Am pretty much working on the same protocol as you. Have been gf since jan and dairy free for a month. Suppose its a bit late for me to have the hair test?

  • Hi jefner πŸ˜„

    You know what I probably did have adrenal probs (used to run 9 miles a day) but the protocol I followed prolly fixed that. I did also take Ashwaganda - forgot to mention that one - and I believe that's really good for adrenal issues?

    Great news re giving up dairy and gluten - it'll be worth it for sure. And if you think you have food allergies - get the test it's never too late x

  • I have always eaten pretty much what i want with no apparent probs. Going gf hasnt made any diff to my antibodies though. Where can i get the test?

  • I know gf didn't seem to do my for me - that I could see. And my mom is a cealiac! Doc thinks I'm gluten sensitive but I won't eat gluten so they can run tests.

    I got my test on line. I'll have a mooch through my files to see if I can find the name but you should google hair food allergy test and something should come up?

  • thanks hon

  • found this article which I found interesting


  • Oh my. Well all I can say is mine saved my life, literally.

    As I mentioned in my post above, I was covered in an itchy rash both the docs and derm had no idea what it was. When I cut the foods on my allergy list, the rash cleared and now when I eat day peanuts I get the rash on my chin. If I eat beef I get a rash on my chest. Chocolate....on my left cheek. Beetroot, another food on my list, rash on my chin. And so on. So I can see how I was covered all over my body.

    Suppose you have to decide what works for you? Thankfully, mine worked πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸΌ

  • think I am gonna get the 23andMe test done

  • jefner

    Have you any info on the 23andme test I have heard about it but that's it take care lucieb01

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