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After having Sepsis (due to bile duct blockage) completely recovered from this, but had a CT Scan and Ultra sound showed Enlarged lymph node

So worried when ultrasound was done Doctor said this is nothing to worry about yes they are enlarged but people who have thyroid problems this is normal, next got sent for a Bronchoscopy the Doctor took samples but she also said all looked normal, bloods ok lung function 100% now waiting for results on 8th August feel well after Sepsis also scan picked a goirta up.

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Did your doctor do a blood test for your thyroid? If you have a goitre, it means that your thyroid is struggling for some reason. He should test :




And antibodies :





And it wouldn't hurt to ask for nutrients, too :

vit D

Vit B12



If you get most of that lot done, you will have a clearer idea what's going on in your thyroid. :)


Well, you could get them done privately. Details of private tests on the main page at TUK.


Thank you for reply, my husband takes 50mg of thyroxine daily for the last 20 years.


I'm sorry, but that is confusing. Who wrote this post? Who are we talking about?

However, that does not sound right. 50 mcg is a starter dose. People shouldn't be left of a starter dose for 20 years. How does he feel?


Sorry my husband does not use technology so it His post he takes 50 mig daily just changed from morning to evening, he is always tired


OK, so the post is about your husband. Got it! lol

So, my first comment still stands. He needs complete labs done - although you can cross out TrAB and TSI, because he's not likely to have Graves if he's hypo. But, he could still have Hashi's, and that could be causing the goitre. Plus he could have a lot of nutritional deficiencies if he's been on 50 mcg for 20 years!

If your doctor will not oblige with all those tests - which he probably won't! - it would be a good idea to get them done privately. I'm really not surprised he's tired, he's probably very hypo.


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