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Why, I've been elected into the Thyroid Club.

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A website called Expertscape probes paper publication and assesses the impact of UK doctors "expert in thyroid matters" To my amazement I'm in at No 13 out of the top 100. They don't realise they've let a viper into their midst! I find it amusing that I'm there never having diagnosed anyone in my life. It's only based on paper output since 2012. Never fear; it won't have the slightest effect on whether or not this 100 take any notice.

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Link direct to diogenes entry expertscape.com/au/thyroid+...

Link to list of UK thyroid 'experts'


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Congratulations Diogenes. You are our hero!

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Well deserved!

Congratulations - I think! Gave me a chuckle. I wish it would make a difference.... but the point is that you do, so please keep doing it.

Hurrah, Diogenes! It may hopefully ensure that the other 99 read your research!

Brilliant. That'll look good on your CV. ;) One wonders who else is on there.

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diogenes in reply to wellness1

All the usual suspects I'm sorry to say!

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DeeD123 in reply to diogenes

Out of curiosity is Pete Taylor on there. No worries if you can’t divulge

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diogenes in reply to DeeD123

Yes, he's number 5 on the list.

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DeeD123 in reply to diogenes

Thank you.

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to wellness1

wellness1, I've added links to diogenes post, so nip back up to the top of this page to find them. :)

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wellness1 in reply to RedApple

Thanks, RedApple!

Congratulations Diogenes. They got the very Best with You.

Well deserved diogenes. I do hope the others listen carefully to your wise words!

Gotta keep tryin

Ha ha .Fortunately , they haven't discovered all your aliases.

"cheeky irreverent git in a barrel" isn't listed :)

That table looks like that 'Top Gear' award for celebrities going round the track fastest.

But as we all know 'faster driver' dose not always equal 'better driver' ... i'd sooner trust you to drive than some of those 'usual suspects'

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diogenes in reply to tattybogle

All I object to is "git" Otherwise, guilty. I don't think science is a hangdog Gradgrind enterprise but is at the same time a definer and strainer of the reality one puts on paper. Given the reality in this field, and given the quality of the opposition, one doesn't have to look far to bring a credible refutation to the front. But do it with a combination of seriousness and levity. How else can you shame fact-resistant people? By subtle mockery. And in fields widely different from this.

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tattybogle in reply to diogenes

just looked it up... i withdraw 'git' ...... as i see it has been deemed 'unparliamentary language' by the speaker of the House of Commons .

Hope you know no offence intended ... just couldn't think of a better word that only had one syllable.

So well deserved ! Congratulations ! Keep up the good work.

Well done diogenes ! See what you can do from their midst.... Even if you don't argue your thoughts, you might have more opportunities to see how 'wrong' thinking can be challenged...?

Well done 👏👏👏

Now there's a thing! Between me posting and then looking up the link provided, I've slipped down the ranks and such as Weetman have slipped up. Perhaps by tomorrow I'll have left entirely. Weird - enemy action but who?

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tattybogle in reply to diogenes

Yea , but he writes such unsubstantiated bollocks , he could easily have produced another 15 papers overnight.

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TSH110 in reply to tattybogle

Lol! The bog roll papers!

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Gingernut44 in reply to diogenes

Your enemies at work no doubt. 😱

Well done, let's hope,some of other 99, probably ignorant doctors, actually listen to what you have to say and take heed and actually try to improve their knowledge of thyroid disease as we the patients are suffering completely unnecessarily, due to their poor knowledge. Maybe there is actually some hope for us all after all.

Well done!!! 👏👏👏

Pleased for you and hopeful you may be able to educate some of them and find allies in others.

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You definitely are entitled to the honour of being invited and the extract:

" assesses the impact of UK doctors "expert in thyroid matters"

is exactly what is needed to change the attitudes of many 'supposed' to be experts. Even when my TSH was 100 I was told by the GP that I had no problems!

Thankfully I had internet access and found TUK.

There must be thousands of undiagnosed people on this earth due to the failure of the medical professionals no longer having the knowledge of any clinical symptoms.

Congratulations Diogenes, it’s nice to have the recognition of your help, well done

Congratulation, diogenes. Well deserved. :)

It looks like it's all been said but hopefully you will realise how much we all value you and all the work that you do!

Yippee !! Thank you, so deserved

Congratulations, diogenes, richly deserved.

How does one find you if not by your moniker ?

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humanbean in reply to Steni

diogenes is John E.M. Midgley.

He has been involved in thyroid research since the 1980s or before, he invented one of the early thyroid function tests back in the 80s, and is still involved in research to this day. He has written many scientific papers along with his research group.

You can find his posts and replies on this forum on his profile :


He gets many mentions on the ThyroidUK website :


More links for finding dogenes' papers :



Expertscape should read all these testimonials. Should we put them on paper?

Interestingly, the Consultant who signed that infamous edict forbidding liothyronine, Professor Karim Meeran, is not listed. According to my London GP, I cannot have T3 medication prescribed unless that Professor approves it. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Excellent news! You deserve it!

Well deserved!

No 1 at TUK!13 and dropping...how dare they!

Congratulations, Diogenes!!

Many many congratulations, Diogenes! One of my favourites is still what I hope will become the seminal publication in the BMC Endocrine Disorders "Time for a reassessment of the treatment of hypothyroidism" (April 2019)....

...."It appears that what we are witnessing constitutes an unprecedented historic change in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, driven by over-reliance on a single laboratory parameter TSH and supported by persuasive guidelines. This has resulted in a mass experiment in disease definition and a massive swing of the pendulum from a fear of drug-induced thyrotoxicosis to the new actuality of unresolved designation of hypothyroidism. All of this has occurred in a relatively short period of time without any epidemiological monitoring of the situation. Evidence has become ephemeral and many recommendations lag behind the changing demographic patterns addressing issues that are no longer of high priority as the pendulum has already moved in the opposite direction. In a rapidly changing medical environment, guidelines have emerged as a novel though often over-promoted driver of unprecedented influence and change. Treatment choices no longer rest primarily on the personal interaction between patient and doctor but have become a mass commodity, based on the increasing use of guidelines not as advisory but obligatory for result interpretation and subsequent treatment. Contrary to all proclaimed efforts towards a more personalised medicine, this has become a regulated consumer mass market as with many other situations. This is of little benefit to patients who will continue to complain, and with some justification, that the medical profession is not listening, thereby abandoning one of its primary functions in the doctor-patient relationship."

Excellent! A voice of reason, knowledge and common sense... Go get them and put them right! Please. Best of luck.

Nice one Diogenes! They say it's best to enact change from within...

I love your research 'Variation in the biochemical response to l-thyroxine therapy and relationship with peripheral thyroid hormone conversion efficiency' and successfully used it to convince my endo that I was a poor converter of T4 to T3 and needed T3. Thank you, sooo much. Here's to #1 next year.

Just catching up and I found yout post Diogenes. Fantastic news!! So well deserved -am delighted for you. And who konws maybe it gives you greater access to drip feed those who continue to promote a blind and ill informed treatment plan for us hypothyroid patients. Thank you Diogenes from the bpttpme pf my heart for all that you have done and do........

What are the criteria for getting up the rankings? If we all accessed your articles would it help?

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diogenes in reply to BB001

It's the number of papers and their ranking, not how many read them.

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BB001 in reply to diogenes

That's a surprise given the lack of merit of some of the others! 😆

Fantastic news 😊

Great news! You are part of my ‘select’ group who I can trust!

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