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I have had thyroid removed over 30yrs, been on thyroxine about 1/2 yrs after op 150mcg, I tried to do +11 test finger prick from blue horizon could not get enough blood so they sent me vacupack so I have to have blood taken tomorrow at hospital.Is this usual.Iam doing this as I feel my gp is mr everything is normal, but way I feel is not normal. Thx for reading and answers if any

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Well, if your BH test really comes back as good - ie optimal rather than just within range, you will know to look elsewhere. And you will also know if the key nutrients are enough to support conversion from levo to T3.

Sadly a lot of GPs don't understand statistics and think that anywhere in range is OK. Its not.

I think you are entirely right to take your health into your own hands


Well it's a bit of extra hassle to get blood drawn. But I'm not that surprised that some people can't get enough blood. It does take some effort and I used all 3 lancets. It's really normal to have a doc that days you're fine and your dosing is fine yes.

Good luck on testing! !

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When I was severely hypo, even the hospital phlebotomist always had trouble getting any blood.

Now I am much improved.....I find finger prick test pretty easy. Usually do a bit of a warm up exercise first to get blood pumping round, plus immerse in warm/hot water 5 mins first.

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Ido finger tests for my diabeties thx for replies


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