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Any connection with Hyperthyroid and Chronic Pancreatitis

Can anybody tell me if there is a connection between hyperthoyroid and chronic pancreatitis? Long story short Gall bladder removed, hernia repair and abdo wall reconstruction in October 2015. Had problems with nausea vomiting and high abdo pain since then. Tests reveal probable chronic pancreatitis and having a MRCP 18th August. Having done some research there is a suggestion that autoimmune problems can cause problems with the pancreas. I dont believe the hospital are aware of the hyperthyroid problem. For the avoidance of dount. I very rarely drink the last one was half a glass of sparkling wine on Christmas Day 2015. Is hyperthoyroidism a autoimmune problem. All suggestions/help gratefully received. Thank you

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If you have positive Graves antibodies (TSI or TRab) your hyperthyroidism is autoimmune.

I don't know whether there is any connection between hyperthyroidism and chronic pancreatitis. You should advise your consultant of your hyperthyroid status in case it has a bearing on your illness or treatment.

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Thank you Clutter. I have not had any TSI or TRab tests. My GP just keeps testing me every 3 months as advised my the hospital for THS T£ and T4 I assume my GP can do the above mentioned tests? If so I will make an appointment to see her and explain the letter from the Abdo consultant if she has not already seen it.

Thanks againl.



I'm not certain that GPs can order TSI or TRab. Hyperthyroidism is usually managed in endocrinology so it may be something that is ordered in secondary care. It is worth asking your GP though.


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