Self employed & hyperthyroidism - any ideas?

I work for a large organisation on a self employed basis at the mo. I only get paid 25 hours per week, although I work more, having Graves and being so up and down in myself I'm finding it difficult to physically get into work, I've already been told by my manager that working from home is not an option for me because of the nature of the work I do. Does anyone have any ideas about what sort of work I could do from home? Do any of you already do this? I'd be grateful for any advice, thank you.

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  • I'm in remission from Graves at the moment but I remember how tired I was when I was at my worst and I'm full of admiration of or anyone with Graves who has to work. Fortunately I am retired and my husband took over shopping and cooking while I pottered about or slept, mostly slept.

    The only thing I could think was I thought I had heard of people working from home providing a telephone answering service for companies. I've just Googled and yes, that seems to be possible although I have no idea what they pay or how the system works.

    I'm signed up to an agency that does online market research - surveys are put online and you answer them. The number of surveys you are sent depends on your profile, if you are an interesting person (my profile is boring at the moment) and respond regularly you get a lot more surveys, some pay a lot, others less, it all mounts up and is good for 'extras' but would never be a living wage as they pay you in vouchers!

    In the past I've heard of places who outsource work - years ago there used to be a small lampshade factory in town and I know people worked from home but I have a feeling that sort of 'piece work' is possibly very poorly paid.

    Childminding would be too exhausting - I could barely mind myself so looking after anyone else would not have been an option. Could you set up a business home tutoring or pet / house sitting or something like that?

    It's a bit off if you are working more hours than you are being paid for. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • Thank you for your reply x

  • Is anyone's Graves so erratic that it's almost impossible to keep a job? Is disability an option ? "America"

  • I'm giving up mine before I get fired! Disability isn't an option as Graves is a medical condition rather than a disability. If anyone knows of anything going that has flexible hours please post here 😉 Thank you

  • I don't have Graves so cannot help on that and I also don't know about working from home and hopefully someone will come along who will know.

    When were you diagnosed and what medication are you taking for Graves. Has the doctor prescribed betablockers etc.

  • Diagnosed in March this year having had a thyroid storm. I have now stopped taking beta blockers but still taking carbimazole and seeing the endo monthly - there isn't any treatment for Graves just medication for thyroid. I am trying a gluten free diet at the moment to see if that helps x

  • It's early days yet but one of our Admins, Clutter, had Graves and this is a link and you can read her Profile.

  • Thank you I will have a look at it

  • Has anyone suggested taking high dose vitamin C with your carbimazole? The day I collected my first prescription for carb my pharmacist came round from the back shop to suggest I take it but I was already taking it after it was recommended following a dental procedure. It helps with healing. I take 1000mcg +zinc a day. It's worth getting your B12, vitamin D, ferritin and folates checked out to and making sure they are high in their ranges - I had to do it privately though:(

    In the past I've dabbled a bit with being GF but have now made a huge effort since being diagnosed recently wth RA - yet another autoimmune condition to go with the rest so I think GF probably can't go wrong. A lot of people seem to be getting good results.

  • Did you find that taking vit C with carbimazole helped? I had my vitamins checked this month, I just ticked the boxes on my blood form myself :) they were all "in range". I am taking a vitamin e & selenium tablet every day they are a brand that is free from any rubbish. I am taking these as I seem to be loosing a lot of hair. I read on this site someone took them and they made a lot of difference so hopefully they will help, but I don't take anything else. Im not sure what else I can do to help myself I think I just need a rest but being self employed that's not going to happen unfortunately!

  • Sorry, I replied to this at the time and my reply seems to have disappeared. Yes, I think it was worth it. It certainly helped with the dental work.

    I've just gone GF - now have some sort of inflammatory arthritis along with Graves, IBS and a couple of other autoimmune conditions. Figure I can't go wrong. I joined the Coeliac Society and got their amazing GF food handbook. Well worth joining. 😀

  • That must be horrible for you having all those conditions at the same time I'm sorry to hear that, I have bought some vit C capsules today but actually I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do or would it better taking the carbimazole with a liquid vit C? Thank you for all the info I will have a look at the Coeliac Society website, as you say being GF doesn't hurt 😃

  • I've never tried liquid vitamin C, I always used to take Redoxon slow release vitamin C with zinc - they seem to have stopped making them now which is a pain because I prefer capsules and I liked the slow release idea.

    I think it is probably just taking the vit C rather than how you take it that matters. I'd go for whatever appeals to you most.

    I know, so many autoimmune conditions at once - I figured the GF has got to help one of them. ☀️

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