I am having psychology once a week but after around 4 sessions I don't feel it's helping with my anxiety, irrational thoughts etc. Living on my own I am struggling with my thoughts and probably worsening my symptoms. Am not being given any tools to cope whilst all the crap with my thyroid and adrenals is going on

I am wondering whether to CBT a go. Anyone tried it and find it effective?

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  • Hello Jefner, sorry you are having such problems with anxiety, its a horrible place to be. I did a CBT telephone course quite a few years back now, just so tired all the time couldn't manage to do a face-to-face. I found it quite useful, certainly alerts you to the way your thoughts impact on your body. However, having said that your anxiety is most likely due to a mineral deficiency, especially magnesium and calcium. There are 60 minerals needed by the body on a daily basis and if these 2 are deficient it is quite likely there are shortages in some of the others but magnesium and calcium would be the lions share, so to speak.

    Hope this helps

  • I am a member of the ThyroidUk group and take lots of vitamins and minerals. My anxiety is mainly due to my high cortisol levels

  • I can't comment on CBT sorry but I have been meditating for about 3 years (ironically about the same length of time I've had hypo) I find it really helps to see the thoughts for what they are & to see what physical symptoms they elicit and deal with it all in a much calmer way. Might be worth a try!

  • I do that anyway hon

  • Itsy, what kind of meditation do you do? thank you

  • I've been using the headspace app, love it; sure I wouldn't have held it together this far without it!

  • Hypnosis also helps. I meditate and practice hypnosis which allows me to think much clearer. Been through some pretty stressful situations and these were what pulled me through.

  • I use those on YouTube. I have a playlist of the ones I like and plug my headphones in all night so hopefully some of the positive affirmations sink in whilst I am asleep. Only problem is the damn headphones come out overnight so I don't know how much has gone in

  • Hey

    I mentioned CBT because I found it helped when I fell into a well of darkness. Until you concentrate on your modes of thinking and coping, it's so ingrained that I certainly wasn't aware how hopeless I was at helping myself. In fact I was preventing myself from moving on after a long period of intense stress with an alcoholic husband, a very sick mum, a financially rewarding but wired career and the angst that goes with a divorce involving buying my husband out of our marital home. I look back now Jennie and wonder I'm still here, sometimes. With the benefit of hindsight, that brought on the most awful hashi flare. I'm 5' 8" and it was a good day if I weighed more than 8st.

    I had a fab community mental health nurse come to see me at home. Very tough time, unpicking all my negativity but I'd been holding it together for so long...'one of life's copers' my GP had called me in the referral letter - ha ! Know the sirens now that sound when I'm doing too much, having black thoughts...

    You have to find your own coping mechanisms and try to move away from your self imposed prison, locking you into your unhappiness. Picture yourself in a golden orb, next you go out. It's beautiful, like a huge bubble blown by a child. You are inside it and only you can invite people in. No-one else can touch you in your golden orb. But you must have the courage to invite others to share it with you.

    CBT was the NUTS for me Jennie. I hope it helps; it's hard work but what do you have to lose ?

    Enjoy the afternoon lovely xx

  • Rapunzel

    Hi honey, yes I know you mentioned the CBT which is why I am going to pursue it because my irrational thoughts are just fueling my symptoms and I can't control them anymore.

    Pretty much the same situation as me I think which set things off, trying to keep my ebay business afloat, looking after my elderly parents and two elderly pets. I think that all the stress might have caused my crash last autumn with a hashi flare up. When did things go bad for you; I see you are much better now?

    How did the CBT help you? Do you have to do tasks? How do you mean hard work?

  • Things went bad for me almost a quarter of a century ago ! But they picked up...life does you know, when you're least expecting it...

    CBT helped with all of the things I've written of above. Not saying 'Yes' to everything; finally doing away with the idea that I had a sack full of love but had to guard it with my life because once I'd given it all, there was no more - love is an abundant element but it takes a long while to realise that if you're stuck in a rut. CBT got me out of my rut.

    It's hard work because if it's going to work for you, you must put away all your self imposed limitations and learn to allow yourself to fail / be hurt / get frustrated etc but not think that makes you a bad person. And stop trying to rationalise that what you're doing is OK - it's not - but you can fix it.

    Go on and give it a whirl

  • I just want to give up again at the moment. Feeling so poorly with the anxiety/nausea and fatigue. Really don't want to do any of this anymore. Can't think straight, am panicky as I have to go out later to take my pet bunny to vets and am worried about her

    have been in touch with a CBT therapist who lives about a mile from me. Just waiting for an appointment

  • I just want to stick a knife in myself at the moment and be done with it. I can't see a way out of this, I really can't ;(

  • Therapist came round this morning for free consultation and we start on thurs

  • Sooo pleased. I hope that this will be a corner turned for you. It is hard work, it does need discipline but it can mean a focus away from feeling unable to cope.

    (((Jefner))) Good luck xx

  • There are lots of issues to deal with going back years

  • But habits sometimes take years to become established, no ? Be kind to yourself but give it your best

  • You could try do-it-yourself CBT :


    Pick whichever heading fits your problems and try following the programs given in the pdf files in the link.

    This is more on the subject of DIY CBT : get.gg/

  • I believe CBT involves hard work and discipline and I don't have that hon, I would probably fail

  • I thought the links might at least give you an idea of what is involved in CBT. I wouldn't suggest they were a substitute for working with a real counsellor. And it is changing that idea you have that failure is inevitable that CBT is all about.

  • thank you hon, just looking through them now

  • Jennie - humanbean has, as is her usual wont, put CBT in a top dollar nutshell; describing exactly what it is and what it does. Everyone can work hard and have discipline - I am the laziest woman in the world and I did it - c'mon - look at you putting obstacles in the way ! You have to stop doing that and CBT can help x

  • just feel very frightened at the moment, so much going on in my mind and body right now

  • Jefner hi, i think since i have been on here, alot of my anxiety and fear has gone... i think its a classic symptom of hypo, but the docs think its just us going cuckoo.. i have refused anti depressants 3 times now... i say,, am not depressed about life... am just pissed off i cant live it....i find getting out in the fresh air, even if you cant walk far, or watching a silly programme or texting a friend helps when those horrid thoughts creep in.. and creep in they do! its the hopelessness of it all isnt it? but i havent been on here very long and already learned so much from lovely people... and yes... its does worsen symptoms for sure... worry and stress.... take care ... hope i helped in some way....xx

  • thank you hon

  • Hi Jeffner - just wanted to say well done for getting the info on CBT and making the appointment. That's a HUGE step forward. I hope you are feeling better soon. I've been there too but I found my way out of the maze and I know you will too.

  • I just wish things were as simple as sorting anxiety but it isn't with me because of the Hashimoto's and adrenal problems :(

  • CBT can be very effective but some recent research suggested going for a walk in the park,doing something you enjoy is equally effective. Its also cheaper to the NHS which may be why recommended .

  • not when you are agoraphobic it doesn't nor can I find anything to do I enjoy, have tried and lost interest in everything now

  • Speak to your therapist and don't give up. It isn't easy to deal with what you are going through. Maybe your therapist isn't the right one for you? The relationship is important - it's not just important it's the single most important thing no matter what type of therapy you are having.

    By the same token, counsellors and therapists are not magicians. They are not there to give you advice or solutions, but you should feel understood and empathised with.

    I hope you manage to get the help you need soon - sounds like you really need it :(

  • She came round this morning for free consultation. We start on thurs

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