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Benign MNG advice

Hi Everyone,

New to the Forum, but I think Forums are a great place to gain experience from others.

I discovered a lump on my Thyroid around May, popped up fairly quickly as I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before. I was suffering with a fair bit of stress and a rather nasty case of Sinusitis at the time. Went through my GP, had a US scan, and ended up within Nuclear Medicine to see a consultant who has carried out a Biopsy (1 sample), and two Iodine scans, one with just the picture and second with the CT/MRI scan.

Biopsy came back as Benign, and looking at the scans thyroid is working as normal, euthyroid I believe they call it. No hot or cold spots. It is multinodular, with one reaching about 2cm.

95% of the time I'm fine, but then I do get days where its sore, and my neck can ache a fair bit right up to my ear, but I think this is more muscle stiffness than anything else.

We have agreed to keep an eye on it, with another US scan in 6months.

However, I'm still a bit concerned by it all. I'm 38, and don't really want my Thyroid removed unless it has to be, but I also don't want it missed if its something more serious.

The consultant has been very good.

Is there any advice anyone can offer on living with a goitre? Or in the end, is it likely that I will have it removed....

No other Hypo or Hyper symptoms.

Thank you for reading.


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Have you not had your thyroid hormones tested? TSH, FT4, FT3? And the antibodies? If you have a goitre - and enlarged gland - there's something wrong, and the first thing should be to test the hormones and antibodies.


Yes, blood test was carried out for tsh, but not sure about others. Was told all was normal, and as I feel fine in myself, I've not felt there could be a problem with my levels.

I'm really just interested in how others with nodules get on?

Went swimming and it was sore for a couple of days, but now settled down again..... lump is still there.


Well, most people have some nodules. And most of them are benign. But I'm a bit confused as to whether you have an actual goitre or just nodules. Seemsa bit drastic removing the gland if the nnodules aren't bothering you. But if it's a goitre, that's a different thing all together.

I really think you ought to ask for a copy of your results to see exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results are. When a doctor says fine, it doesn't always mean fine!


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