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Another set of questions on NDT as you are all so knowledgeable and really helpful and I remain confused

I am getting a bit confused by the system of obtaining NDT privately in the UK as neither the endocrinologist or my GP have ever taken my symptoms seriously: same old blather that we all hear way to frequently. Complicated further by a CFS diagnosis that seems to be code for 'do nothing and don't listen to a word she says'. I paid to see a private FM doctor and the suggestion was that Levo 100 mg was doing nothing after taking for 5 years - I have been telling everyone that will pretend to listen that this is the case.

So I understand that I need a private prescription and that there are various preparations obtainable from a number of pharmacies and websites but how do I know where to start? My private doctor said that she will not prescribe as worried about being struck off, so from whom do I get the prescription? How much are such services? And how much should I expect to pay for the NDT? I have read up a bit on here but please private message me or point me in the direction of more information please. Thanks in advance.

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hi cwill, just sent you a pm, you don't a scrip if you're in the UK and you order from the sources that i sent you, i've bought from them myself and so have many others here.

sorry to hear about the runaround you've been given, don't worry you're in good company as there are many very helpful supportive people here. good luck, just shout if you need more help.


Thanks Rainbow100.


I can help too if you need . I'm using WP Thyroid. Xx


Thanks - I am still researching the brands and the options abroad. So many helpful people!


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