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Symptoms hypothyroidism

Hi can anyone help.. diagnosed borderline hypothyroidism.. gp trailing me on 50 mg levothyroxine for 2 months does this mean I will stop taking after that. ? Or does this mean I will have to take for rest of life? Also keep getting as well as other symptoms like palpatations.. come over like a wave extreme tiredness muscle aches feel like I've run a marathon is this normal... ?

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Joc50 If you are diagnosed hypothyroid then replacement thyroid hormone is for life, hypothyroidism can't be 'cured', Levothyroxine replaces the thyroid hormone you can't produce yourself.

As you are borderline he probably wants to see how your levels are affected by the Levo, he will retest and then make an adjustment to the dose.

Do you have the results of the test? Members can help with suggestions if they know the details. If you don't have the results then please ask your surgery for a print out, you are legally entitled to them (Data Protection Act) although there may be a small charge for printing. When you have them start a new thread with the results, including the reference ranges, and members will comment.

Also, ask for thyroid antibodies to be checked (TPO and TG) as this will show whether you have autoimmune thyroiditis (aka Hashimoto's disease). Also ask for Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate, all these need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work.

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Thank you so much info yes I have the results will post and perhaps someone can explain just feel so awful I am in bed already feel physically wiped out


I was 'trialled' on 25 mcg levo as while my Tsh was normal my ft3 and ft4 were well below range and I had classic hypo symptoms. After 2 months I could report my symptoms had lessened and I felt better even though my ft4/3 had stayed the same and my Tsh had gone up. I was increased on dose by 25 mcg every 6 weeks until I got to 100 mcg. At which point my ft4 finally got to mid range and my Tsh had dropped

A trial is exactly that; they'll see if your symptoms get better on levo plus will review your blood wor. If you don't feel any better on levo and/or if the levo takes your tsh to below range etc then they'll take you off it. If you feel better and blood work warrants it then they'll either maintain the dose or increase it.

They haven't formally diagnosed you as hypo until the end of the trial. Even if you do get confirmed as benefiting from levo there are still a lot of docs out there that will challenge the diagnosis. When I complained about spending 6.5 years going to my previous GPS with symptoms and being fobbed off with diagnosis of menopause/stress/being too fat/being an alcoholic etc when my new GP diagnosed me as borderline hypo in 5 mins the previous GPS defence was that I wasn't actually hypo. This was upheld by the NHS ombudsman despite the fact that the trial based approach is in accordance with NICE guidelines and treating me with hypo meds gets rid of my various symptoms.....

So, be glad your current doc is one of the good ones that has read the NICE guidelines....

Good luck


My.levels are tsh 5.93 T4 11.. what's does that mean


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